The Pros and Cons of Pre-Workout Supplements

The strongest pre-workout supplements are already a hype in the bodybuilding community today. Although it is true that it is not commonly used in yoga, these supplements are still being used.


It is quite a cool thing after all to have something that can boost our workout regimen. If there is a method that can elevate our strength level and endurance to new heights, then I am sure that many of us would gamble on it.

Now, pre-workout supplements are not a new thing anymore. You might have heard of it even before you started ripping your muscles. However, it is also a given fact that these supplements are not for everybody's taste. In fact, not all workout will require these supplements.

Pre-workout supplements, just like other stuff that we have today, don't only offer advantages. There are still some downsides when it comes to them. Allow me to give you a breakdown of these pros and cons of drinking pre-workout supplements.

Pro 1: You Will Get Energetic

It is natural for you to feel energetic and attentive once you have taken your pre-workout supplement. After all, a typical supplementation contains a lot of caffeine. The ingredient can certainly kick and elevate your senses. Technically, caffeine is an effective nervous system stimulant. It will make you less tired and exhausted while you are working out.

However, please note that caffeine doesn't immediately kick in. You need at least a 30-minute allowance before you can fully feel the boost in your sensation and energy.

Cons 1: It Can Make You Jittery

The stimulation that the pre-workout supplement is truly riveting. But there are times when the effects can cause your heart to explode due to excessive beating. People have different bodies. Therefore, we have different reactions when it comes to dealing with these restorative agents.

The only thing that you can do here is to be cautious. Learn how to do trial and error. Try to minimize the dosage of supplement that you are taking. Always be on the lookout for the type of stimulants that have been used in the supplements, too. Some brands are using too much of these stimulants that they are already risky to the body.

Pro 2: Prolonging Your Energy

Aside from caffeine, pre-workout supplements also contain creatine. It is a component that increases the blood pump to your muscles. As a result, the power and endurance that you feel are heightened. Creatine is found out to improve your performance in your workout, especially if you are doing anaerobic regimen. Moreover, creatine can also induce prolonged endurance of athletes and sportsmen. It can delay the fatigue that the body can feel. 

Cons 2: You Are Oblivious Of What You Are Getting

Most of the time, the pre-workout supplements on the market today have labels that indicate that they have been certified by National Science Foundation (NSF) and other third-party groups. Although this one is a good selling point, it is still a known fact that these supplements are not really properly regulated. 

They have certifications, but the list of ingredients that they used is not listed. It is notable that they only highlight their proprietary blends instead of giving a complete breakdown of it. If you are particularly sensitive to caffeine or creatine, then it is appropriate that you know how much of these are given by a particular supplement.

Pros 3: Elevated Oxygen In Your Muscles

When looking for pre-workout supplements, it is essential that you will opt those that have nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a component that improves your performance during strict and strenuous regimens. It can expand and widen the blood vessels, which enables the improved delivery of oxygen to the muscles of your body. It will allow you to do your thing at the peak of your strength and endurance.

Alternatively, you can also prefer blends that contain vegetable additives such as beet. Beet has a good amount of nitrates. When digested, it can be converted into nitric oxide.

Cons 3: Weight Gain

These pre-workout supplements have a pack of sugar with them. The energy boost is not complete without the sweet sensation that the sugar can bring. You have to realize that sugar is also essential to the stimulation of body. This is the reason why athletes that are doing explosive routines usually take chocolate bars and other sweetened delicacies. 

However, sugar has still downsides, especially for your waistline. Food and supplements that have high sugar and calorie content can increase your weight. If you don't regulate the amount pre-workout supplements that you are drinking, there is a good chance that your waistline would size up eventually. That destroys the very purpose of bodybuilding, right?

As much as possible, the supplement that you have should only contain a maximum of 100 calories per serving. That would minimize the weight-gaining effect that these stimulants can bring. Alternatively, you can also opt eating peanut butter and banana an hour before your workout routine. They can still provide the sugar content that your body needs without pouring the additional weight.

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Final Thoughts

Using a pre-workout supplement is just a matter of preference. For now, it is apparent that many bodybuilders are into it. Yoga practitioners may not opt for it but they are free to do so.

I am not here to discourage the use of these supplements. All I want to say is that you have to be careful on what you are drinking. Always be wise on choosing the brand of booster that you will include in your workout menu. Trust me. It can make the difference.

Always be keen on the ingredients that have been used in the supplement. If the label didn't describe the components that have been used in the supplement, be wary about it. Also, I advise that you should stop drinking any supplementation if you feel some unwanted effects in your body. Go consult your doctor if serious symptoms have been suffered.

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