What Are Fitness Blender Upper Body Workouts? (It’s Pretty Easy!)

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We all know and love Fitness Blender; it has been giving fitness enthusiasts great workout tips for years. If you’ve at least tried thinking of scouting the internet for great workouts, chances are you’ve already read about Fitness Blender years ago.

If there’s anything to love about them it is that they provide awesome execution details to fit our needs. For instance, they even have Fitness Blender Upper Body Workouts for people who have short attention span (like me).

In any case, I’ll be covering some significant details down below. Check out how we roll!

What is Fitness Blender and its benefits:

Fitness blender upper body

Fitness blender has been saving lives since day 1. What I really like about them is that they are promoting fitness on a whole new scale – outside of what’s ordinary.

In the past years of their service, they have a strong belief that fitness should be given to anyone regardless of having a gym membership or not. Generally, the company offers health tips, fitness information, videos, and reasonably-priced programs.

Fitness Blender: For People Who Get Bored Easily 

I want to kick it off with something which I’m accustomed to doing. So yeah, this is for people who want to get a good workout without eating up their attention span, you dig it?

There are special people who can’t stand doing a certain workout for more than three sets. The solution is to mix it up a bit, it’s that simple. Of course, the same muscles should be focused in your alternative workout.

It lets you trick your brain to feel the rush of energy despite hitting the exact similar muscle group. Here’s a sample of you need to do.

Generally, for upper body strength training, it’s going to be around 3 sets of five total exercises. Per set, you should do at least 10 reps. 

There’s still a need of doing warm up and cool down exercises. As for what you’re going to need, you have to get something which has extra resistance. I would recommend PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells.  

Of course, there are other things which you can use. For instance, using water bottles, empty container with sand, and much more.

Upper Body Strength Workout With Fitness Blender

Hammer Curl

Okay, I know what you want – you want to strengthen up your upper body. Ideally, since your goal is to do something big, the goal is to execute at least three full sets for each exercise.

Well, the style is quite peculiar. You’re going to do in a fast superset kind of thing. However, in order to get the best of results, you have to end it big. Meaning, a new round of burnout workouts is the key. 

This is an action-packed routine which can be intended for different purposes. Like, toning, strength, or even mass building. 

Fitness Blender even made it clear for everyone that it’s possible to hit two birds with one stone – strength and mass.

Bent Over Fly

The formula is pretty simple. Let’s say you want to give it your all for mass building, then you simply have to take a shift by decreasing your reps.

Ideally, you should on perform 5 to 8 reps. However, the weight should be heavier. As for strength, you just have to do the opposite. Go get reps of at least 12 to 14, but with lighter weights. 

Also, if you’re a madman and want strength, increase your reps by twelve to fourteen. After which, you can gradually decrease the weight.

Tonight might take a longer time to finish, so you just have to keep up with the work.

Just A Quick Reminder 

Fitness blender upper body

Here’s something which is always being overlooked by bodybuilder for some reasons. I can’t stress enough how important the form is above all things else. 

Yeah, so you might choose either of three (mass, strength, or toning) but it won’t be of any use if you’re doing it the wrong way. Don’t go overboard with the weight you’re lifting, that’s basically useless. Heck, it will even lead you to get injuries.

If anything, using the full range of motion is important. Make sure that each rep you do is consistent and of proper speed. 

There are times where you might start to jerk and wing uncontrollably, that’s when you have to stop to get back on track.

Also, it’s important to know how many calories you’re burning. Although I can’t tell you on the exact amount of calories you’re killing, I can give you a rough estimation.

Remember, upper body workouts depend on your motion and the weights you carry. But if you do it right, you’re going to be burning a lot. The average is around 5 calories every minute.

Now, if you’re a total beast, this can even be upgraded to 16 calories a minute – talk about a workout to die for.

Wrapping It Up!

I hope you enjoyed the show. Always remember to do it right for your upper body with proper form. In addition, taking a look at our recommended product PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells will surely make your workout easier with better results.

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Right now, I’m years in. And I want to show you how awesome their upper body workouts are. This is what led me to become one awesome lifter due to their tutorials.

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