Frog Jump Exercise: A Complete Guide To Ripping Your Lower Half

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Everybody is trying to get in shape these days. It is an obvious fact, as gyms and fitness centers continue to appear. Of course, this is a good sight to see. If you can just ignore the vanity it brings, training your body gives off a lot of benefits. You can become lean, agile, and dexterous. Moreover, your immunity to illnesses is boosted as well.

The world of workouts is vast. You can find a lot of regimens to follow and abide. There are practically no downsides to them if you are going to do them appropriately. The only drawback that you can feel when doing these routines is the delay of results.

Frog Jump Exercise A Complete Guide To Ripping Your Lower Half

But If you want a fast and quick-appearing method to work your body, you should learn how to do the frog jump exercise.

Basic Facts of Frog Jump Exercise

Unlike other routines, frog jump can be done without the aid of any equipment. This fact alone makes the exercise great, as a myriad of practitioners doesn’t have the financial capacity to buy those expensive gears and amenities.

Moreover, this exercise can be done anywhere. You don’t have to register on that nearby swampy gym just to perform this workout. As long as you have ample space in where you can stretch without being disturbed, things will go smoothly for you.

Obviously, the routine itself is a mimicry of the movements of a frog. Literally, you have to jump like an energetic frog on the pond. Because the movements are rigorous and explosive, the exercise provides a venue for quick calorie burning. But don’t get me wrong. Frog jumps are very easy to do and master. The combination of simplicity and intensity makes it one of the best approaches to enliven your body.

How to Do The Frog Jump

Frog Jump Exercise A Complete Guide To Ripping Your Lower Half

Frog jump exercises come in different forms. You can either stick to one routine or mix them in several repetitions until your body can feel the crazy beating of your heart! Here are some of the fundamental forms of frog jump.

The Normal Frog Jump

  1. To do this, you have to stand erect while your feet should be parallel to your shoulders.
  2. Next, lower your body and do a squat position. Do it as deep as you can. However, don’t overextend the squat to the point that you can feel discomfort and pain.
  3. Once in position, propel your body and leap forward. The leap distance should be around one foot from your original position. Continue leaping for 30 seconds before you stop. Do as many leaps as you can. You don’t have to worry if you are not following a straight line. As long as you are jumping, do you are fine.
  4. After the 30 seconds, have an ample 15-second rest. Then do the same routine for 30 seconds and then rest again for 15 seconds. Do this repetition five times or more (as long as your body can take it).

Leap Frog Jump

Frog Jump Exercise A Complete Guide To Ripping Your Lower Half

This is still the same as the first frog jump that I have instructed. The only difference they have is that you will not move forward all. Instead, you should remain static in your position while you are jumping.

  1. Just like the normal way of frog jumping, stand erect with your legs stretched and bent forward. You have to squat your legs to the degree that you are comfortable.
  2. Next, try to leap up as high as you can, still extending your legs. In this way, you can still return to the same preparatory posture that you did. Now, let me tell you that the height of your jump doesn’t really matter here. As long as it is the maximum that you can do, then it is okay. Sprains can happen if you push yourself too much.
  3. The repetition of this jump should still be similar to the first exercise that I have mentioned. Each cycle should last 30 seconds. There is no limit to how many jumps you can do. After that, rest for 15 seconds, and then jump again for another 30 seconds. I recommend that you do three to five repetitions of this exercise.

Frontal and Lateral Frog Jump

If you have the heart to take things to the next level, this next routine is perfect for you. The frontal and lateral frog jump regimen is the most laborious setup that you can do. But the reward of the exercise is great, as you are working different muscle parts here. It is utterly exhausting but worth giving a try.

  1. This one is actually just doing the basic leaping procedure. But instead going on a single straight motion, you have to follow a specific course or pattern.

You have to jump on the side, then on the front afterward, then on the side again. You have to repeat the movement repeatedly for 30 seconds. After this, rest for 20 seconds then do the exercise again. I suggest that you should do have a three to five repetitions for each set.

Benefits of Frog Jump Exercise

Frog Jump Exercise A Complete Guide To Ripping Your Lower Half

Nobody will do something rigorous if it doesn’t have an appealing compromise. Fortunately, frog jumping can lavish your body with different advantages and perks. Even if you look weird when doing this routine, your body is still achieving the stature that it deserves.

Improvement of Lower Body Strength

Just by the way how the exercise goes, frog jump is actually a comprehensive workout. It is among the numbered exercises that can train your lower body as a whole. Specifically, it is called as a type of compound motion. The latter is a movement that enables you to move multiple joints and plethora of muscle groups.

Technically speaking, doing frog jump will flex and extend the ankle joints. If you are good at biology, this means that your calves and ankles are all at work here. This would lead to the development of your hamstrings and quadriceps. They would become strong and formed.

Also, let me emphasize that leaping and jumping can also strengthen the glute muscle group, too.

Elevated Physique for Athletic Activities

Since you are training the lower half of your body, the power and strength that it has would gradually improve. If you are into athletics, this is a news that you would love to hear.

Most of the sports that we have now require a trained and developed lower half. For example, running or basketball will really compel you to have high lower body stamina. The length and reach of your jumps are crucial to these athletic endeavors, too. Therefore, it is quite surprising and amusing that a simple exercise like frog jump can do much for you.

Aside from the strength, frog jumps also give your legs with more power and grip. After all, it is a plyometric exercise. This category of exercise is commonly used by athletic coaches to condition the power input of their players. If you can hone your lower half with this regimen, who knows what kind of sports freak you’ll become!

Cardiovascular Perks

As I mentioned earlier, frog jump exercise is exhausting. If you have been living the sedentary lifestyle for a quite a long time, you will realize that your resistance and cardio are quick to dwindle. Therefore, you need to the exercise very gradually, until such time your body gets used to it.

When you are doing frog jumps, your breathing and heart rate explode. The feeling is similar to a sudden burst when you are sprinting. You instantaneous and continuous expenditure of energy by jumping can re-awaken a sleeping cardiovascular system.

Of course, it is pretty obvious that this routine is way more enervating than curling your biceps or curl-ups. And since we included numerous repetitions, your body will certainly work as it has never experienced before!

Requires No Equipment

When it comes to practicality, frog jump exercise ranks high. It is an economical way of getting fit, as it doesn’t require you to invest in expensive machinery and training devices. You don’t have to enroll in a gym, too. Although the gym is an excellent place to train your body, some people just don’t have the luxury of opportunity to get there.

Frog jumps provide you with a healthy and convenient alternative to tone and hone your lower half. It is not a time-consuming and complex exercise. All you need is a spacious area and dedicated soul that is ready to take the odds.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why you should try the frog jump exercise. From being fit down to being enduring, the drill can give them all to you. You might get reluctant and weary at first. But once you can see the gradual changes in your physique, you’ll get addicted to it. Of course, once the results kick in, we will get hooked easily.

But for starters, let me remind you that an exercise should be done properly. The instructions that I gave you will guide you on how to do this plyometric training without injuring your muscles or bones. You should consult a trusted trainer if you are fit for this activity. Some people are not recommended to partake in the routine because of heart and lung problems.

Including frog jumps in your program is quite suggested (if you are all “green” on the prerequisites). Tell me your thoughts about this exercise in the comment section below. Also, if you have other alterations and recommendations about this routine, share them, too!

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