80+ Blogs To Follow For Fitness, Food, and Nutrition

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I am not alone when it comes to promoting fitness and health. Every now and then, the number of people who wanted to get fit, ripped, and shaped are increasing. Therefore, it is pretty obvious that good Samaritans will appear in hope to help these interested folks out.

Of course, sharing information and ideas is necessary to make a huge leap forward. If there is no collaboration, then we would not have reached this state in where we can enjoy the benefits of supplements, diet programs, and workout routines. We would remain to be bummers, and that is something that we want to avoid.

Relying on a single source is okay. There is nothing wrong with it. However, if you want to widen your scope of understanding towards the world of fitness, you have to explore the vast field out there. In fact, I really recommend that you should check out some other blogs (aside from mine) if there are still some curious questions that you want to get answered.

You should have an idea already how will I set things from here on. In the next sections, I have listed some notable blogs and websites that are related to supplements, fitness, and health in general. Should a time comes that you have eager queries on your routine or diet, visiting any of these sites would be a great idea!

Curious? Let’s hop on to these sites now!

Top Blogs To Follow For Fitness

top blog fitness food and nutrition

There are a lot of blogs out there that are already berating how good they are when it comes to fitness. I have no right to criticize these sites one by one. But if you want pure results and assistance, relying on the reliable ones is quite a logical move.

As you can see, fitness is something that you should not take easy. Getting in shape is still a scientific process. There’s no trick or magic here. Therefore, it is essential that the recommendations that you get will come from those sites that are run by experts or professional trainers.

Fortunately, your options are not just limited to the number of your fingers. We can always start with the big shots out there. Here are they!

However, if you want to listen to some other minor blogs out there, I can recommend a plentiful of names. Most of these blogs are operated by individual trainers who were able to produce results through sheer effort, experience, and research. Know all of them now!

1. Muscle & Brawn – This one is focused on bodybuilding and powerlifting. It is managed by Steve Shaw.

2. Brandon Carter – I have been subscribed to this blog for quite a while already. Carter is a fitness model who shares a lot of tips and advice how to get a body like his.

3. Nerd Fitness – When it comes to fitness authority, Nerd Fitness is one of the major giants. Steve Kambs have been running this site for many years already. And I all can say is that what he writes on this site are on point. See them for yourself.

4. Scooby’s Workshop – If you want to be trained by a seasoned bodybuilder, go to Scooby’s Workshop. This blog is owned by Scooby Werkstatt, and there is a lot to learn from this person. He follows the old school methods of ripping the body. Quite interesting, right?

5. Fit Bottomed Girls – I have a lot of respect to this fitness site by Erin Whitehead and Jennifer Walters. They have been providing workout tutorials that suit the female demographics.

6. Gym Talk – Working out can be extremely rigid. That’s why Henry Croft of Gym Talk made a creative shift to his tutorials. Specifically, you can consider the Gym Talk as humor site for fitness. But don’t get me wrong. What he teaches here can certainly elevate your performance in the gym.

7. Simply Shredded – The breakout of Simply Shredded just happened recently. It is a website that includes a myriad of interviews and contributions from veteran bodybuilders. You should check this one out.

8. Born Fitness – Adam Bornstein is an icon in the fitness industry. Just browse at his Born Fitness blog, and you can see a plethora of testimonials to how good this man is when it comes to bodybuilding and fitness. If you are interested in following his path, you can always follow his path.

9. Catalyst Athletics – It is a unique fitness blog since it is deeply focused on the olympic type of weightlifting. If you want to understand the basics of the said routine, this site is a good place to learn.

10. A Shot of Adrenaline – Many individuals have already vouched for “A Shot of Adrenaline” as one of the best calisthenics blogs out there. Founded by Todd Kuslikis, the site features a variety of video tutorials for bodyweight workouts.

11. Chronicles of Strength – It is a generic fitness blog that offers coaching programs for different fitness routines. The blog is owned by Pat Flynn, a tested-and-proven gym trainer.

12. Fitness in the City – This blog covers everything under the sun. From exercising articles down to topics about lifestyle and health, this site can provide them for you. It is a one-stop-shop for those who want to live healthily!

13. Roman Fitness Systems – John Romaniello of the Roman Fitness Systems wants people to look strong and feel strong! If you want to increase your strength and endurance, you might want to check this site out.

14. Baristi Workout – A fitness blog that gives everything you need for calisthenics. The legendary Frank Medrano even made some of the tutorials here.

15. Spot Me Bro – The name of this blog is truly catchy. You will really get surprised by the tons of excellent and practical bodybuilding tutorials that this site can give you.

Let me give you a bonus! I have included some other fitness sites that can help you with your workouts and bodybuilding routines:

Top Blogs to Follow for Food and Nutrition

top blog fitness food and nutrition

Bodybuilding is incomplete without proper diet and nutrition. This is the biggest rule that many individuals tend to forget. It doesn’t matter how good your training is. If you don’t supply your body with the appropriate nutritional value that it needs, it will never improve at all.

Now, I have to admit that I am not a well-versed expert when it comes to food and diet. That’s why I always consult dieticians and professional gym trainers for the appropriate menu that I should consume. Normally, people would shy off this idea. But for me, asking questions is as good as solving your problems.

Luckily, there is no need for you to go anywhere just to know your proper meal plan. If you are looking for healthy recipes that can help your workouts and fitness endeavors, the Internet is a good place to search.

You can freely look for these blogs and sites by yourself. Alternatively, you could also consider visiting the following sites that I have listed below. They are excellent sources of healthy recipes and up-to-date articles about the dietary world.

1. A Nutritionist Eats – A registered nutritionist operates this site. It tells people explicitly that any food can be eaten, as long as it is moderation. For fitness geeks out there, this site is definitely worth checking out.

2. WebMD Food and Nutrition – If reputation is the cut, this site will take the lead. WebMD Food and Nutrition is an excellent place to go if you want to be a little scientific on the food that you are going to eat.

3. Food Have Made Easy – The blog itself is dedicated to vegetarians. Although it has an alluring name, the site actually offers a myriad of nutritional recommendations and cooking tutorials that apply to anyone who is into bodybuilding.

4. Your Health Is On Your Plate – I personally admire the proficiency of this site when it comes to diet and nutrition. Owned by Dr. Roxanne Sukol, “Your Health Is On Your Plate” is a blog dedicated to addressing various medical issues through the help of proper eating and food literacy.

5. Dietriffic – Anyone can always visit Dietriffic for resources that are related to food, nutrition, fitness, and happy lifestyle. It comes with a comprehensive repository of health articles that you should not miss.

6. PaleOMG – Modern fitness routines always endorse Paleo diet. But this should not surprise anyone. After all, Paleo diet is a foolproof diet program that encourages anyone to eat the things that your body needs. PaleOMG is among the top sites that focus on this type of eating regimen.

7. Sassy Kitchen – The Sassy Kitchen is a personal blog owned by Julia Gartland. From the get-go, you will immediately notice that this site is anchored on a gluten-free diet. It has several articles that feature the combination of multiple dietary trends, which could work for any fitness lovers out there.

8. Food Politics – Food Politics is an interesting site that covers a variety of discussions regarding food and diet. It is operated by a nutritionist named Marion Nestle. You may not get the recipes that you want here. However, the blog will give you insights to in-depth researches about nutrition, diet, and similar fields.

9. Whole30 – Whole30 is also a good site to follow when you are looking for practical tips on diet, nutrition, and even buying food. It is a great site for bodybuilders as it provides realistic eating programs that would support their routines.

10. Authority Nutrition – If you want to bust some food myths, you should go to this online nutritional haven. You will discover a lot of surprising and informative stuff here that you cannot find elsewhere. All they publish here are backed by science, so there is nothing that should worry you.

11. Balanced Bites – If you want to know how to deal with certain food allergies and other digestive issues that hinder your workout routines, I recommend that you should pay this site a visit.

12. Examine.Com – The extensiveness of the Examine.Com when it comes to nutrition and supplementation is something that you cannot just ignore. You will learn a lot of unbiased stuff here. They don’t advertise or sell. They will only give you the information that you need for a particular diet or supplement.

13. Foodwise Nutrition – This one is an excellent site for finding healthy recipes that can fit in your training program. The website also features the latest discussions in the world of health and nutrition.

14. Guys and Good Health – Do you want a straight and hassle-free discourses regarding food, exercise, and health in general? If yes, you should follow this extremely fun and informative blog!

15. Summer Tomato – A neuroscientist named Darya Rose established this site in hope to tell people that healthy living is something that you can do without even trying. It is featured in the TIME Magazine on 2011 as one of the best websites on that particular year.

Go check out these other food and nutrition blogs. You will be surprised that the Internet is really teeming with these useful dietary sites!


Honestly, I am quite overwhelmed that these health and fitness sites do exist. It is an exciting feeling to know that you are not alone in the endeavor in getting strong and physically fit. The road towards a proactive lifestyle is never easy. But with the aid of different experts and trainers, you can thread that arduous path!

However, that is still not the best part. The most gratifying fact here is that you can reach out to these fitness and health gurus wherever you are in the world. After all, the internet is our ally!

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