5 Top-Rated Big Muscles Protein Supplements On 2024 – A Complete Review

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Big Muscles is one of the leading producers of supplements for bodybuilding today. A lot of bodybuilders and gym freaks have been patronizing their products because of the noticeable results they provide.

But to be specific, the Big Muscles protein blend is one of the reasons why their supplements are very effective. Of course, let me remind you that these protein used on their supplements are not just cut from the ordinary. We can consider them premium as they are responsive and quick to yield results.

big muscles protein

Let me tell you one thing: protein is important for building and sculpting your muscles. It is a nourishment that is crucial in the development of every muscle group in your body. I don’t want to go technical on this one, but without protein, muscle repair and growth would be thoroughly impossible.

This fact compelled Big Muscles to concentrate their efforts on crafting multiple bodybuilding supplements that are highly concentrated in protein. In here, I have listed some of the best protein supplements that Big Muscles has created. See which one of them might be able to help your endeavors in building a razor-sculpted frame.

Top-Rated Big Muscles Protein Supplements

1. Big Muscles Whey Protein

big muscles protein

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I made this short Big Muscles Whey Protein review to give you a glimpse of the capacity of this supplement. Per serving, the Whey Protein is capable of giving you up to 24 grams of protein. That is more than enough to sustain your body with the proper muscle boost. It has been noted by a lot of bodybuilders that this particular supplement generates optimal results in increasing the size and firmness of their muscles.

Amplifying your performance is one of the key promises of the Whey Protein supplement. It is a good pre-workout supplement because it ensures that you will not run dry while you are grinding on the gym. The energy provision of this product will never deteriorate even if you are doing rigid routines.

You can’t feel jittery after taking this supplement. It is among the most promising perks that the Big Muscles Whey Protein offers. You can just elevate your performance and results without any compromises.

Ingredients: – Whey protein concentrate, cocoa powder, l-arginine, calcium phosphate, sodium benzoate, max dextrin, and added natural flavorings.


  • Generates no jittery effects
  • Great pre-workout supplementation
  • High-quality protein provision
  • Provides a guaranteed increase in muscle size
  • Doesn’t use suspicious blends


  • No noticeable drawbacks

2. Big Muscles Xtreme Weight Gainer

big muscles protein

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The Big Muscles Xtreme Weight Gainer is an ideal pick for those who just want to size up their body. If you are lean and just want to improve the burliness of your body, drinking this supplement on a daily basis is recommended. It is delicious and doesn’t come with an undesirable aftertaste to the mouth.

The protein content of the Big Muscles Xtreme is truly outstanding. It is purely refined so that you can only get protein and protein only. It will directly hit your system for quicker absorption. This blend also contains carbohydrates and healthy variants of fats to ensure that you are getting the right nourishment for muscle growth.

This Big Muscles mass gainer supplement does not cause strong “kicks” after its explosive effect is gone. Instead, it will just gradually dissipate, which many people appreciate. You can take this supplement as your buddy during workouts intensive workout routines.

Ingredients:– Maltodextrin, sucrose, soy protein isolate, whole milk powder, calcium phosphate, whey protein concentrate, starch, sodium benzoate, cocoa powder, and skimmed milk powder.


  • Multiple combinations of high-quality protein sources
  • Impressive contribution in the weight gain process
  • Agreeable taste and flavor
  • Provides exercise recovery effects
  • Offers great nutritional value


  • No noticeable drawbacks

3. Big Muscles Body Fuel

big muscles protein

Via: Amazon.com

It has been known in the bodybuilding community that the Big Muscles Body Fuel is a cheaper yet effective alternative for a protein supplement. It is one of the least expensive choices that you have if you are trying to be frugal. But fortunately, the quality and delivery of protein pump of the Body Fuel have been great so far.

This one is using the combination of protein and creatine. Both of these two are derived from amino acids. Creatine for replenishing your energy and protein for the optimization of muscle growth and repair. When they work together, every minute in your workout will yield outstanding results.

Also, I have noticed that this supplement is using a good blend of mineral, vitamins, and carbohydrates. But hey! Don’t jump to conclusions yet. The sources of these nourishments are purely organic. It is free from chemicals and other suspicious ingredients that might harm your system. Overall, this one provides efficient and quick results.

Ingredients:– Maltodextrin, sucrose, calcium phosphate, cocoa powder, creatine monohydrate, whey protein concentrate, starch, skimmed milk powder, soy protein isolate, and added flavors.


  • Jitter-free supplement
  • Generates extra strength and recovery
  • Fairly decent flavor
  • Promotes lean muscle growth
  • Includes high-quality minerals and nourishment


  • No noticeable drawbacks

4. Big Muscles Lean Gain

big muscles protein

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Some bodybuilders just want to keep their muscles lean and close to their original frame. A packed appearance is one fine sight to view if done right. That’s why it is not wrong if you will get a supplement to aid you in this endeavor. The Big Muscles Lean Gain provides mass to your body, but it will never bloat your figure.

The Big Muscle Lean Gain comes with a unique protein-based formula for muscle build-up and strength. But noticeably, the strength factor that this supplement provides is way greater than the actual mass addition it brings. It optimizes the recovery rate of your energy while ensuring that muscles can be required quickly.

The explosiveness of this supplement is pretty impressive. After taking this supplement, I did not grow weary when I did my regular bone-breaking routines. It is a good deal, I suppose, considering that it yields the guaranteed boost in energy. It did not cause jittery effects, either.

Ingredients: – Maltodextrin, whey protein concentrate, creatine monohydrate, sucralose, sodium benzoate (preservative), skimmed milk powder, starch, cocoa powder, whole milk powder, and calcium phosphate.


  • Provides a sustainable energy every workout
  • Seemingly neutral in flavor
  • Effective use of protein and creatine
  • Provides another form of nourishment
  • Safe and pure composition


  • Not for everyone’s preferences

5. Big Muscles Xtreme Muscle Mass

big muscles protein

Via: Amazon.com

The Big Muscles Xtreme Muscle Mass is pretty similar to the Big Muscles Zero when it comes to the effects they yield. These two are quite opposite to the Big Muscles Lean Gain, which purpose is to assure the leanness of your muscles. Big Muscles Xtreme Muscle Mass, on the other hand, will make your muscle big and firm.

Unlike other supplements that will just give you a fatty appearance, this one will not. Furthermore, the product is capable of expediting the recovery and repair of your muscles, even if your workout is too extensive. Since the protein blend of the Xtreme Muscle Mass is not from the ordinary, it can essentially offer noticeable and quick-yielding effects.

The taste of this supplement is not repulsive. It is completely acceptable, regardless of your preferences in flavor. Furthermore, it doesn’t leave unwanted hype after your workout. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll grow weary immediately. The energy you get dissipates gradually instead, so that your next session, you are ready for pumping again.

Ingredients: – Whey protein concentrate, sucrose, starch, whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, cocoa powder, sodium benzoate, and calcium phosphate.


  • Gives guaranteed growth in muscle size and mass
  • Ensures that your body has enough power to sustain your routines
  • Authentic and chemical-free composition
  • Doesn’t make you fat
  • Great-tasting supplement


  • Causes pimples

All About Big Muscles Protein

big muscles protein

These Big Muscle Nutrition reviews have indicated some of the top-rated supplements that the company has. Each of them has been classified as effective protein-based supplements by various bodybuilders and athletes.

This time, let me introduce to you too Big Muscles Nutrition. This company was established in 2009 and currently operating in various countries in South East Asia. However, their biggest base is in India. It is a family-owned corporation, which all has diverse expertise in the areas of bodybuilding, nutrition, and supplementation.

It has been a decade (since the writing of this content) and the Big Muscles Nutrition still show no signs of going down. Instead, it has been flourishing continuously. All of their protein-based supplements provide impressive and realistic results. That’s one of the reasons why they currently have a good rapport. They don’t use promising but suspicious blends on their formulation. They are just using tested-and-proven ingredients instead.

The products are properly labeled so you definitely know what you are getting. Furthermore, they are certified by ISO and GMP to ensure that the supplements they produce a breed with quality and safety. Their supplements can even set the bar to how protein supplements should work.

Don’t worry a thing here. The Big Muscle protein powder price is not that expensive. They are priced reasonably, according to the formulation and to the volume of supplements that you are going to buy.

How to Choose a Protein Supplement

big muscles protein

When choosing a protein supplement for your workouts, here are the things that you should consider:

Protein Powder vs. Mass Gainer

Not all protein supplements are created the same. Some of them are labeled as mass gainer while are called protein powders. Specifically, a mass gainer is a powder that is composed of carbs, fats, and protein. These components are essential for your diet and nourishment. However, you should not pick a mass gainer if you only want protein in your menu.

Protein powders, on the other hand, are for muscle growth, repair, and recovery. But sometimes, I could see a lot of people picking the first protein powder they see without checking the composition of the blend. If you will get a protein powder that is rich in calorie, you will end up having excess fats.

The standard protein powder should have this ingredient distribution:

  • Low carb (one to five grams)
  • Low fat (one to five grams)
  • High-protein (20 to 300 grams per serving)

The Reputation of the Manufacturer

The reason I introduced the Big Muscles Nutrition is that I want to establish the fact that this one is a reputable company. They have existed in the market for more than a decade. In the span of their operation, none of their products failed.

This kind of quality is an essential warranty in picking a protein supplement. For me, I only trust a product if its maker has been verified in the market for at least three years. Of course, the feedback for the brand also counts here. The mere fact that they were able to stay longer in the market is proof that people are trusting them.

Pure and Natural Protein Supplements

It is essential for you to assess the quality of the protein supplement. The quality of the protein is always greater than its quantity. For me, it is necessary that a protein powder doesn’t exceed ten or eleven ingredients. A complex spectrum of ingredients can ruin the entire composition of the protein supplement.

Also, I have to remind you that the supplement should contain natural or organic ingredients. There are some protein powders out there that have strange and unfamiliar components. If you can’t grasp the nature of the building blocks of the supplement, better drop it down. Just like I keep on emphasizing, I don’t like supplements that are using “secret blends.” I simply want to know what I am getting.

Types of Protein

There are three types of protein that can be included in a supplement: casein, concentrate and isolate. There’s a lot of debate going on with this three, which topic usually involves the rate of ingestion.

But in my experience, I don’t find any significant difference between these three. However, I can also say that the speed of ingestion is dependent on the genetic build-up of a person. You can be responsive to this type of protein and not to the others.

Accordingly, casein has the longest ingestion period. Therefore, bodybuilders include this type of protein on their meals before they go to sleep. On the other hand, isolate is said to have the quickest absorption. It is the protein type of choice for pre-workout supplements.

Final Verdict

For now, the Big Muscles protein supplements are proven to be effective and appreciated in the community. Several bodybuilders have already benefited from consuming any of the supplements that I mentioned here. Since the composition of the supplements is diverse, you can guarantee that there is something that can meet your needs.

Always remember that Big Muscle gainers are not the only option that you can look upon there. There are multiple of choices that you can consider. In fact, the selection process can baffle you. Despite this, you should never forget to always include this brand on your checklist.

If you have some other questions or suggestions, feel free to ask me in the comment section below!

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