What’s The Best Weight Gainer Protein In The Market?

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Let’s face it, there are just some people who aren’t blessed with genetics and body types. Achieving the perfect look by changing your diet and programs isn’t enough. Well, most of the time.

For the skinnier dudes out there who want to put some meat on their bones, let’s see the best weight gainer protein!

What Is a Mass Gainer?

best weight gainer protein

There’s actually a secret formula to getting a strong, muscular body – training and nutrition. These two are partners, when one hasn’t been complied, success won’t be achieved.

These supplements are highly packed with protein, carbs, calories, and other needed nutrients to get you to weigh heavier on the scale. All of these (including vitamins) are being conveniently packed into one, easy package.

The best weight gainer protein is important for the everyday athletes, weightlifters, and of course, bodybuilders.

What triggers most people to check up on supplements is how they’re getting no results despite religiously following their workout programs.

Which leads us back to the introduction of the best weight gainer protein. Another thing, the common misconception of “weight gain” is people relating it to chips, donuts, Nutella, and other junk.

It’s true, you ARE going to gain weight. However, all of the foods you’re consuming are empty calories. Yeah, you’re going to get bigger – unhealthy and overweight – 99% of what you’re getting is fat.

I’m sure you want to know more. Just keep scrolling down below!

What are The Benefits of The Best Weight Gainer Protein?

Of course, it comes in with a ton of benefits to go around. This can be a career-saver for most people. To make it easier for you, here are the main advantages of the weight gainer protein:

  • An Increase of Muscle Mass
  • An Increase of Weight Gain
  • Energy Booster
  • Stimulates Appetite for Calories Goals
  • Convenient Packaging for Travels
  • Faster Recovery Time
  • No Need To Take Protein Powder
  • Only Get Healthy Fats (Lean and Muscular Results)

The Peoaple Who Need It

I’ve divided it into groups for a quicker way of classifying yourself under these groups:


best weight gainer protein

Weightlifters are the bomb, they’re always looking for ways to strengthen their muscles and make serious gains. Weight Gainer Protein is an important part of the stack.

There’s one particular season where bodybuilders would need this more than any other day. These are during the “bulking” season.

If your macros requires you to eat at least 3,000 calories a day with over a hundred grams of protein, you’re bound to need a helping hand.

What makes the Best Weight Gainer Protein a must-buy is that all of the requirements are served up in one nifty package – doesn’t sound bad, does it?

People with Fast Metabolisms

best weight gainer protein

Although there are tons of people who die to get faster metabolisms, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. The struggle is that it’s pretty hard to maintain the weight – so much more gaining weight.

It’s common knowledge that’s being passed on by professionals that a single pound needs about 3,500 calories. That’s basically over a thousand calories over than the recommended intake.

But of course, thanks to weight gain protein, you don’t have to continuously munch down on food to hit your goal. It’s all being given in one single container (Hey, you can even save).

Men and Women

best weight gainer protein

I know what you’re thinking – what even women? Well, yes. It’s a known fact that men need more calories to get through the day. With the weight gain supplements for women, it delivers a good amount of calories without being over the top.

As for men, it’s the exact same thing, but with a higher calorie count. But with that being in mind, it only goes to show the possibilities are endless.

What to Look For In The Best Weight Gain Protein?

best weight gainer protein

Since the fitness industry skyrocketed over the past years, companies have been putting out supplements in the market like crazy. Don’t believe in their commercials and advertisement, here’s what you need to look out for:

  • Ingredients

It’s time to get the numbers down. Look at what they’re putting in into their product, and how much grams per ingredient. In order to fulfill your calorie goal, take note of the calorie per serving.

Of course, the carbohydrates and protein are two of the main ingredients. Consider comparing their grams to other supplements in the market.

  • The Brand

It’s only natural to buy a product from a remarkable company (most of the time). It’s important to read reviews about them – how do they fair with quality management? An in-depth research is always worth it.

  • Value For Money

When you’re on the hunt, money is always a factor. You can confirm if it’s really the deal by computing the amount based on individual servings. Don’t base the cost-effectivity on the overall package.

By the way, since the goal is to find high-quality supplement with real results, going for the cheaper alternatives won’t do you any favors. It’s good to spend a little more for something better.

  • Taste and Flavor

Since you’re required to consume large serving sizes, it would suck if you had to drink something you don’t like. The only problem is that the package alone doesn’t dictate how well or bad is tastes.

Ideally, reading on the review sections on the internet is the key. Also, don’t fret – the product reviews down below tastes awesome!

Top 5 Best Weight Gainer Protein

1. Transparent Labs ProteinSeries MASS GAINER

best weight gainer protein

Via: Transparentlabs.com

Let’s give a shout out to transparent Labs for being one of the most well-known mass gainer on the market. Now, if we’re going to talk about high-end, this one has it in the bag.

This comes in with 53 grams of nothing but pure New Zealand Whey Protein Concentrate. Sounds pretty sweet, especially knowing that the company has been ensuring full clinical doses for ProteinSeries.

In addition, the makers were even kind enough to make their creation 100% label transparency. Per serving, you’re given a good 750 calorie drink.

Talking about the grams, it comes in with 109grams of carbohydrates with an approximate estimation of 6 grams of MCTs. Another thing to take note is that it has 8 grams of fiber as well.

For the taste, you don’t have to worry. The whole thing is being sweetened by stevia and Monk Fruit.


  • Nicely Estimated Calorie Per Serving
  • Great Taste Due To Stevia and Monk Fruit
  • Offers 100% Label Transparency
  • Ensures Clinical Doses


  • Premium Priced

2. Universal Nutrition Real Gains

best weight gainer protein

Via: Amazon.com

It’s time of Real Gains to take the stage. This has been created by Universal Nutrition, one of the biggest sharks in the mass builders’ community.

This is an ideal product intended for those active people who are on the search in getting the most of their muscle mass.

So, what are you getting? You’ll be getting a 52gram of protein complex. Now, they added a bit of a twist into their formula. Their whey concentrate has been ultra-filtered.

The simple technique is known to be one of the most powerful protein sources. It offers amino acids which greatly impact muscle growth. Correspondingly, it helps for having faster recovery.

It replenishes lost energy with 87grams per serving. At the same time, it lets you have an increase for calorie intake. Lastly, its 5g dietary fiber is an awesome addition for the digestive system.


  • Fast Recovery Time
  • Ultra-Filtered Proteins
  • Delivers Healthy Fats
  • Supports Hormone Production
  • Protects Cell Membrane


  • Not great for lifters who are lactose

3. Dymatize Super Mass Gainer

best weight gainer protein

Via: Amazon.Com

Getting a supplement by a company who has been producing high-quality products since 1994 doesn’t so bad, right? It survived due to one reason: Real time results.

Now, let’s get down to business. Its grams in protein is exactly 52. But it consists with a great array of formula – whey protein concentrate, egg albumin, calcium caseinate, and much more.

It gives you an edge when it comes to hitting the daily protein goals. What really surprises everyone is the measurement of Supper Mass Gainer’s carbohydrates – it’s at 252 grams. That’s just MASSIVE.

Consisting of complex carbs, it gives you an energy supply for the rest of the day (no matter how strenuous the task is).

On top of it all, it has a 2g measurement of amino acid blend. Basically, it adds amino acids into your body for building solid muscles.


  • High-Quality Protein
  • Added Amino Acids
  • Huge Carbohydrate Intake
  • Fast Post-Workout Recovery


  • High Sugar Content

4. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

best weight gainer protein

Via: Amazon.Com

Crafted by the long-term company (running since 1987) you’re bound to get results from Optimum Nutrition. Currently, ON has been bawling big due to their quality control and persistence.

In this day and age, there’s no mall that isn’t selling Serious Mass made by ON (thanks to the company’s awards and recognitions).

This is probably one of the best weight gainer supplements to date. It offers a huge dose of calories, and other important nutrients for muscle building.

It has the measurement of 50 grams of whey protein concentrate, and other essential ingredients. This works to ensure muscle repair while building muscle mass.

Also, it has the vitamin foundation down – from A, C, D, E, to zinc and calcium. And of course, its dosage of carbohydrates is standing high at 252 grams.


  • Essential Vitamins Included
  • Huge Carbohydrate Measurement
  • Well-Established Company
  • Large Serving Size


  • Powder hard to mix

5. Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer

best weight gainer protein

Via: Amazon.Com

Okay, so we have another ON product coming up – it’s not really a surprise as they have been here for over 25 years. Now, Optimum is on the winning edge due to one thing: Keeping it real.

This comes in with a brilliant 60 grams of protein blend. It has all of the essentials ready from whey protein isolate to whey peptides and glutamine peptides. Due to the premium choice of blend, it greatly affects muscle stimulation.

While it doesn’t offer massive grams of carbohydrates, it offers just the right amount at 85 grams. It restores the energy lost while boosting up your calorie intake.

To keep it solid, it has 24 different kinds of vitamins and minerals. It tells you to stay on the right track with the lifestyle. And finally, its 4gram dietary fiber is a neat add-on for a happy tummy.


  • Aids in Digestion
  • Premium Ingredients and Blends
  • Impressive Number of Vitamins
  • Award-Winning Company


  • Expensive Pricing

In Conclusion: Announcing The Winner!

It’s been a tough competition, but there’s only one winner who’ll be crowned the best weight gain protein. The final decision goes to Dymatize Super Mass Gainer!

Okay, here are some few points why. The company itself has been impressing both the competitors and users for years. Right now, their Super Mass Gainer is just SUPER.

Knowing the fact that it gives off a solid number of 252 grams while keeping the price tag bearable is a great find. Also, its protein measurement is ideal.

Comparing it to the others, nothing beats the real deal of Mass Gainer with a flavor that’s meant to keep you asking for more.

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