Top 5 Natural Anabolic Supplements For Picky Customers in 2023

The word “anabolic”, or “to build”, has been a familiar term to the bodybuilders for a long time for assisting in body growth and muscle-building. Therefore, they regard anabolic supplements in their nutritional intake as an indispensable way to develop their physique and improve the performance in the gym. 



Working out and starting to build your body with more muscles and edges challenge the expanding of your inner body cells and your physical strength. Thus, it is not just simply the matter of exercising anymore, but also the focus on your nutritional intake and your tolerance.

Although it is understandable that the bodybuilders want to see their body transformation in a short time, they need to add supplements into their food and daily diet with careful consideration if those put unexpected effects on them.

The most common side-effects while a bodybuilder starts taking supplements are body shock and unexpected fatigue due to the imbalance of hormones, insomnia, and even the dangerous alterations in blood pressure and insulin levels.

It’s TRUE! You are going to swim in an ocean of supplement products without knowing their quality and their effects on your health. More importantly, if you find yourself encounter with those problems while choosing supplements, what is the solution?

Hence, it is really challenging for them to select a satisfying supplement as the market of these products offers a wide array of choices. Before choosing a supplement product, the consumers are usually baffled by the brand names, the functions it aids to the aim of bodybuilding compared with other supplements, the length of time it takes to be effective and the most importantly, the origins of its ingredients.

Understanding the needs of bodybuilders, many labs are shifting their focus on formula containing natural ingredients with the least side-effects on the consumers.

Natural anabolic supplements are an optimal option for you.

Let me restate the importance of natural anabolic supplements compared with other fast yet risky anabolic steroids.


The origins of a supplement foresee the health safety of the consumers. At first, the supplements can take the form of anabolic steroids, which contain a lot of synthetic elements in their ingredients.

They work basically to boost the metabolism by altering the chemical reactions inside our body, including both men and women.

Thus, there are some harmful side-effects, which may cause changes in reproductive functions and excessive cell development. Because of its side-effects, some types of anabolic steroids are considered illegal and banned.

Then, the natural anabolic supplementary products are introduced. Not only do the ingredients of natural anabolic supplements come from plant-based recipes, but they also come with affordable price and almost no side-effects.

They quickly become the trend for future development in pioneering health lab and natural bodybuilders. Thus, the majority of users nowadays favor taking in safe and non-chemical botanical ingredients, or natural anabolic supplements instead of anabolic steroids.

natural anabolic supplements

Hence, you do not want to threaten yourself with side-effects from synthetic supplements and want to touch your natural supplements as soon as possible?

Here is the list of top 5 natural anabolic supplements updated in this year with detailed reasons why you should choose it for each one:

NO1. Prime Test- Testosterone Supplement of Prime Labs

natural anabolic supplements

Made in the United States, this supplement is all you are looking for a stable branding in the market of herbal-based ingredient anabolic products. Prime Test is well-known for its credibility in selecting extracts from natural sources with FDA approved facility such as Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract and other essential health boosters.

In addition, Boron, one of its ingredients, is a micronutrient substance that cannot be neglected in to ensure the normal functioning of body cells, especially when the body is put under a harsh work-out training.

The recipe not just only ensures the metabolic activities but also regulates the cognitive functions and strengthens bones. It revitalizes the strength of a bodybuilder from the inside.

The ingredients are processed through updated lab testing procedures to concentrate a proportional blend of enzymes, fatty acids, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, neurotransmitters and growth factors, all of which are necessary for one’s overall well being.


  • Competitive price
  • Ensure the overall bodybuilding and strength enhancement all at one time
  • Highly available on many retailers with trial sessions
  • Motivate the bodybuilder by naturally regulate their hormonal and metabolic activities


  • Although it is naturally extracted, overdose will cause nausea and kidney problems.
  • The supplements usually are tasteless.

NO2. TESTOBOOST of BioScience Nutrition

natural anabolic supplements

This is a highly recommended product for not just amateur bodybuilders since professional athletics also use it. So what are you getting? You will get a powerful blend of all natural herbs, botanicals and multivitamin formula without any artificial hormones.

More than half of ingredients contain magnesium (250 mg per serving) and tribulus terrestris (750 mg per serving), which prevent any breakdown in working out, regulate your mood and protect your heart health.

ving), which prevent any breakdown in working out, regulate your mood and protect your heart health. As a lot of bodybuilders have to deal with anxiety or sleep disorders when they start their training or start using supplement to boost their stamina, this product can be a solution. That is also the reason why the product recommends you take 3 capsules before you go to bed.

And are you worried about being allergic to some natural ingredients? Well, actually the good news is if you are allergic to lactose products in soybean or dairy origins, this supplement reduces the allergic situations, compared to similar products.


  • Competitive price
  • Beneficial for both amateur and professional bodybuilders
  • Beneficial for people who have trouble with sleeping and mood regulation while training


  • Many felt that they are not getting the effects instantly

NO3. Recharge Post Workout Supplement of Legion

natural anabolic supplements

“Vegetarian-friendly” yet with a “great taste”, that is all you can have from Recharge. If you find out that it is really boring to take in capsules instead of eating food from nature which can also provide you with the same blend of nutrients, you may choose this product because of its appealing flavour (and by the way, it is naturally sweetened, so no synthetic insulin or additional fat intake).

Designed to be used as a daily serving shake to take in naturally after your workout, Recharge provides an optimal formula for strength recovery and muscle tightening. The formula is based on the blend of these three active elements: Creatine, l-carnitine and banaba, which will help to ease the soreness after workout and maximize the intake of nutrients.

All you have to do is to mix it with 8-10 ounces of water or adjust the amount of portion based on your preference.

Also, you will observe the effects without waiting too long: give yourself a golden two weeks to see the improvement. It is also proven to be used for a long-term with consistent help backed with prove clinical testing. However, it is noted that this product cannot be used for people under 18 years old.

One special feature is that it is suitable for people who have blood pressure fluctuation since it improves blood glucose management and enhances the carbohydrate consumption. It means that your blood pressure will stay stably while actually your metabolism is working diligently to build more muscles for you. So, do you like it?


  • A great formula for gaining back your energy after strenuous workout
  • Beneficial for people with fluctuations in blood pressure and insulin level
  • ttractive flavour and easy to consume
  • Clinical proven results about its effectiveness


  • Since it is clinically managed, the price is competitive
  • Cannot be used if you are under 18

NO4. Recharge Post Workout Supplement of Legion

natural anabolic supplements

These veggie pills guarantee the customers’ health on gradually losing weight and building muscles. It has been studied with a scientifically-formulated testosterone booster for men looking to boost total and free testosterone levels.

Thus, the formula works smoothly and safely at the same time because it does not result in any disruptive chemical reactions inside the body. However, the main reason for the fact that it is favored by health lovers is because of its distinctive shilajit extract.

The recipe not just only ensures the metabolic activities but also regulates the cognitive functions and strengthens bones. It revitalizes the strength of a bodybuilder from the inside.

Shilajit extract has been a breakthrough in the field of health supplements. Founded on the Himalayan mountain range, the compressed forests gradually transformed into a nutrient- and mineral-rich biomass loaded with medicinal humic and fulvic acids.

The ingredients are processed through updated lab testing procedures to concentrate a proportional blend of enzymes, fatty acids, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, neurotransmitters and growth factors, all of which are necessary for one’s overall well being.

And guess what? Those elements actually play a critical part in shaping our metabolic system as well. It supports internal rejuvenation and energy production.

One study reported that participants took just 200 mg of Shilajit each day for 15 days and the available energy in their blood after a great workload of exercise was equivalent to the levels of available energy before starting exercise.

Such amazing result was also proven to support concentration, durability and even detoxification, working as a filter to block out stress and promote oxygenation. Prima Surge really works as the body’s natural antioxidant response.


  • A great formula for aiding your mental strength besides your physical performance
  • Beneficial for people with anxiety and stress pressure when starting to workout
  • Highly available on many retailers with trial sessions
  • Clinical proven results about its effectiveness on oxygen intake and concentration abilities


  • May contain astringent taste
  • May have some urinary implications when being overdosed

NO5. Stak Natural Hormone Anabolic Supplement from Animals

natural anabolic supplements

The last member on our recommended list today is STAK. It is welcomed by the community of bodybuilders. The developers are proud of its comprehensive support by stating that it is “the most complete natural hormone booster on the market.”

The most natural ingredient the manufacturer highlights is the extract from milk thistle, which proves to be an element to provide heart benefits by lowering cholesterol levels, helping to ease diabetes in people while fitting to their exercise schedule and minimizing the liver complications. Hence, people with digestive and heart problems may find their trust on this product. 


  • A great formula for people with digestive and heart issues
  • Beneficial for people who want a thorough change in their metabonic system
  • Very competitive price


  • May contain complicated side-effects if overdosing


Those top-rated products are chosen not just only because of their friendly-user ingredients and because of their assistance in building muscle mass and inner strength, but also because of their outstanding commitment to the health of even the pickiest customers they serve in the market.

The pickiest consumers here are people who are vulnerable to abrupt changes in their routine when they start taking in supplements to accelerate their bodybuilding process. A common scenario happens when the customers have to alter their diet to fit with their new workout schedule include severe fatigue, physical and mental exhaustion, or sudden body shock and allergy.

For those specific cases, customers need to spend more time doing research on the effects of those supplements on their health particularly, in case any health problems may emerge. 

Our picks for the top 5 anabolic supplements made from natural ingredients will solve all your anxiety and ensure the success of your bodybuilding in a short but also safe period.

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