Gym Equipment Names and Pictures: A Quick Guide For Beginners

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We know the feeling of visiting the gym for the first time. It’s pretty daunting given the many equipment that you’ll see around. Without proper knowledge, you might pick the wrong equipment and that’s a big no-no for your fitness goal.

Lucky for you, we compiled a list of the most common exercise equipment that you’ll see at the gym. Check their description and function below.

1. Dumbbells

Gym Equipment Names and Pictures

Dumbbells are one of the most commonly used weight-training equipment on the gym. One piece of dumbbell comprises two equal weights fixed to a handle. The weights can either be fixed or detached.

There are three types of dumbbells:

  • Adjustable dumbbells have metal handles with a crosshatch pattern for better grip.
  • Fixed weight dumbbells may use different materials like cast iron and plastic husks. As suggested by its name, this type of dumbbells have weights that can’t be detached.
  • Selectorized dumbbells have an easy way to add or remove plates. This makes it very convenient to change plates between workouts.

The main purpose of dumbbells is to build and tone muscles. The muscles targeted may depend on the exercise performed. For example, incline hammer curls target the biceps while the dumbbell floor press targets the triceps.

2. Barbell

Gym Equipment Names and Pictures

A barbell is like a dumbbell but with a longer bar with larger weighted plates fixed to each end. It’s a better equipment than dumbbells because you can use a big weight more comfortably. You can also generate more power when doing explosive exercises like snatches and power cleans.

The classic straight barbell is 7 feet in length and 45 pounds in weight. With this type of barbell, you can do several powerlifting exercises, such as bench press, squat, and deadlift. This equipment is important for power racks and smith machine.

When deciding to buy a barbell, feel the knurling on the shaft. It should be comfortable and non-slippery. You should check other features, like the whip, spin, and tensile strength.

3. Treadmill

Gym Equipment Names and Pictures

The treadmill is a popular piece of equipment with a slick platform that allows you to run at different speeds. This is by far the easiest gym equipment to use. The treadmill’s surface is flat so you can walk or run on it without any troubles, unlike running on uneven terrains and curbs.

Motorized treadmills are commonly used in gyms to because they have features to monitor your workout progress. Such features include heart rate sensors, timers, and calorie counters. Some units even let you save your stats so you can track your progress.

This commercial gym equipment provides a great warm-up exercise before you undergo a more strenuous workout routine. It can help improve your muscle tone and keep your joints flexible. If you aim to burn extra calories, this equipment will greatly suffice.

4. Bench Press

Gym Equipment Names and Pictures

A bench press equipment is often used to help develop strong upper back and pectoral muscles. A good bench press equipment should have a strong base, which will keep the equipment from moving even when applied with too much weight. It should be flexible enough to incline or decline to suit a variety of exercises.

This equipment is often used with a barbell to build upper body strength. You can also use two dumbbells to perform the workout with alternate arm movement. When using this equipment, make sure that your back isn’t excessively arched.

Choosing a good bench to press on is the main criteria when buying a bench press equipment. You have two choices here, an adjustable bench and a dedicated free bench. An adjustable bench allows you to roll into a squat rack while a dedicated free bench is more sturdy.

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5. Rowing Machine

Gym Equipment Names and Pictures

A rowing machine is a good equipment for cardio exercises that work your upper and lower muscles simultaneously. Its operation is similar to rowing a boat- you push and pull the handle. It’s usually used in many Crossfit exercises.

This cardio equipment is very lightweight. It’s very portable with the wheels in front and its ability to stand up for storage. If you’re thinking of buying a gym equipment for your home, pick this one up and roll it around.

Be aware that this rowing machine works in many settings, such as fan and split. Fan setting should only be set at 3 or 4. Going overboard will only put a lot of unnecessary strain on your body. The split, on the other hand, pertains to the amount of time it would take to cover half a kilometer if you keep that split.

6. Elliptical Trainer

Gym Equipment Names and Pictures

Elliptical trainers are popular in commercial gyms because of their absence of impact. This indicates that less tension is disseminated to the bones and joints, hence injuries are less likely to happen. The elliptical is effective because it offers the same type of workout as jogging minus the fatigue of joints.

The moveable handles allow you to work your upper body and lower body at the same time. The reverse stride can activate various muscle groups and put more focus on the quads. Perceived performance is lower when operating an elliptical.

According to a 2003 study, people actually work more than they thought when exercising on an elliptical. This could mean that this cardio equipment can burn calories with less effort. Keep in mind though that the calorie burn calculators on the equipment tend to be inaccurate.

7. Stationary Bike

Gym Equipment Names and Pictures

A stationary bike is a good alternative to a street bike. This equipment can burn calories and provide an overall workout at the same time. Besides being safe because you get to bike indoors, this equipment is quite simple to operate.

Although the whole body isn’t worked out by a stationary bike, this gym equipment  offers a good aerobic exercise  and helps strengthen the lower body. It also helps promote a healthy cardiovascular health and a sense of well-being. This equipment is ideal for people who want low-impact exercises.

When buying a stationary bike for your home gym, look for a unit with various resistance levels. The seat should be comfortable because you’ll sit on it for quite a long time. If your body is on the plus size, make sure that the seat can be adjusted accordingly.

8. Squat Rack

Gym Equipment Names and Pictures

The squat rack is a weight training equipment which helps you do squats more effectively. It works as a mechanical spotter with saddles that can be placed at different heights. It has safety pins to grab the barbell in case it accidentally slips from your hands.

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This weight training equipment is highly efficient. When doing squats, you engage a lot of muscles, such as the quadriceps, glutes, and calves. It also enhances core strength while building up stamina.

If you like to buy a squat rack at home, consider the size of the rack if it truly fits in your designated space. Look for anchor holes so you can anchor the rack to the lifting platform. While it might be really expensive to get this equipment, this is surprisingly versatile and can be a great tool for improving strength.

9. Cable Pulleys

Gym Equipment Names and Pictures

Also known as the cable crossover machine, this training station is built with cables. You can affix different bars or handles to the pulley and do a variety of workouts. It’s perhaps one of the most versatile gym equipment, allowing you to exercise at different angles for limitless variety.

Since this gym equipment works each muscle in your body, you can visit the gym less frequently. Setting the machine is also easy. Simply change the weight stack or pulleys in less than a minute and do a variety of exercise.

When doing the cable crossover exercise the chest is the main muscle worked. To begin, put the pulley above your head then choose the resistance and grip the pulleys in each hand. Next, step forward while placing your arms in front of you and extend to the side.

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Thanks to this guide, you’ll be able to confidently determine the name of common exercise equipment on the gym. Having a good awareness of these gym equipment will help you perform your workout routine more effectively and set more realistic fitness goals. Keep in mind that you have to execute the proper form when using these exercise equipment.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comment section. Please share this article if you like it.

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