5 Best Bench and Squat Racks for Home Gyms

The best bench and squat rack is a necessary amenity for any bodybuilder. If you really want to rip your frame and make a vein-popping appearance, then there are two routines that you should consistently do: bench press and squatting


These particular regimens can generate visible and jaw-dropping results efficiently. Your body mass and structure would be fully developed once you do these workouts religiously. Obviously, your health would get better, too.

Aside from investing in pre-workout supplements (insert any viable link here), it is also essential for you to get a bench and squat rack. Not all the time you can visit your local gym. There are some instances in where you need to these routines in your home.

Of course, even if you have the availability to go to the gym anytime, it would still be great if you have this equipment. The convenience of working out at your own pace is something that any bodybuilder would want to have.

Luckily, there are a plethora of power racks on the market today. Your options are not just limited to one or two choices. In fact, there is a teeming number of racks that are waiting for you. But on this article, I only listed all the best options for this workout equipment. Here are they.

The Best Bench and Squat Rack Review

1. Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage - Editor's Choice

One of the finest bench and squat rack that you can get today is the Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage. With its innate 800-pound capacity, you can ensure that it can cater your "heavy" needs. The walk-in space that this amenity has is large, too. Therefore, you can comfortably do a lot of side-to-side movements.

When it comes to construction, the Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage is one tough equipment. Specifically, it is made from 2x2 square steel frame that has extended locks on the safety bars. Meanwhile, the safety bars are crafted from steel and have a double mounting option for maximum security and rigidity. The safety bars can be adjusted to 19 different height positions.

The Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage also have multi-position grip bars. You can use them for developing your shoulders, arms, and posterior muscles through a variety of exercises.


  • Extra rugged and durable construction
  • Spacious walk-in space for convenient movement
  • Chrome safety bars can be adjusted to 19 height levels
  • thumbs-up
    Stable and extra reliable workout platform
  • thumbs-up
    Compatible with 7-inch Olympic bars


  • Assembly is quite quirky
  • The bench doesn't go low enough

2. PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack - Runner-Up

You can certainly power up your workout with the PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack. This one is among the first generation of gym racks that have been released on the market. It is specifically designed to enable bodybuilders and weightlifters grind their muscles effectively and safely. It comes with a generous vertical and horizontal spacing, which allows optimal mobility to its users when doing workouts.

The PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack is capable of supporting squats, calf raises, shrugs, and military presses. It is a comprehensive equipment that can accommodate a variety of workouts, once used properly. This rack comes with two safety rods and two lift-offs. With them, you can do these myriads of exercises safely and effectively.

But unlike the Fitness Reality 810XLT, this one can only support 600 pounds of weight. But such capacity is more than enough for many bodybuilders. This one doesn't have a cheap construction, so this full-cage rack will never break on you. You can also use different benches and other workout attachments here.


  • Provides a simple yet effective platform for squats and bench press
  • Can be paired with multiple workout amenities
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • thumbs-up
    Safety bars can be adjusted to different height positions


  • Not ideal for commercial applications
  • Difficult assembly process

3. Body Champ BCB3780 Bench and Squat Rack Stand - Budget-Friendly Option

If you want something that is inexpensive yet effective, I should recommend the Body Champ BCB3780 Bench and Squat Rack Stand. Obviously, this one is a lot more affordable than the options that I have featured here because it doesn't come with a full-cage design. But despite this, you can still guarantee that it is an effective platform for doing bench press and squats.

This one can support leg lifts, military presses, chest presses, and other routines that are commonly done on the bench. It also has a leg developer that features a dual-action capability for leg workouts. You can also guarantee that the main frame of this rack is crafted from a durable and robust tubing. It can carry the weight of 300 pounds or less, which is a pretty decent perk already, considering its design.

Furthermore, the Body Champ BCB3780 already includes the bench on its package. Most of the racks out there only offer the cage. You have to invest the bench separately. With its entry-level price, the Body Champ BCB3780 can already give you the complete set. You can start immediately after you have assembled this piece. Isn't that nice?


  • Affordable yet robust design
  • Ergonomic construction provides better workout mobility
  • Bench backrest can be adjusted for multiple bench exercises
  • thumbs-up
    Extremely safe to use (comes with non-pinch grip and safety hook)
  • thumbs-up
    Comes with decent weight capacity


  • Too small for some other users
  • Not for heavyweight applications

4. Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment - High-End Choice

For those who can spend freely, the Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack is an excellent choice. It is a sturdy piece of gym equipment, having its frame being constructed from 12-gauge steel. The working space that it has is splendidly spacious. There is always a room here for you to do those rigorous and brisky routines. There are also storage pegs for plates that have been integrated on this cage. They can cater both Olympic plates and standard plates.

The base that of this rack is extremely balanced and stable. It won't wobble, even if you are grinding too much here. For its safety bars, the maximum weight capacity of the Valor Fitness BD-7 is around 800 pounds. That's 100 pounds more than the Fitness Reality 810XLT. Meanwhile, the bar supports have variable positions. They can be adjusted to 17 height levels.

Even if it doesn't come with a bench, the Valor Fitness BD-7 still comes with a lat pull station and low row curl bar. These particular features improve the versatility of the rig when handling different workouts. It can become your one-stop-shop for doing all the essential exercises that are necessary for your bodybuilding goals.


  • Solid and sturdy 2x2 steel frame
  • Features different workout amenities
  • Balanced and stable construction
  • thumbs-up
    Supports heavy and burly users
  • thumbs-up
    Provides exceptional safety features


  • The pulley system comes with plastic components
  • Instructions for assembly are inadequate

5. Rep Power Rack – PR-1000 - Best Bench and Squat Rack for Extra Safety

You don't want to use a gym equipment that can cause you injuries or accidents. None of us deserve a workout amenity that has a flimsy construction or cheap parts. They will just cause you trouble instead of reaping benefits. All of the racks that I have featured here are extra safe to use. But when it comes to safety features, the Rep Power Rack – PR-1000 is an outstanding option. This one is simply brimming with stability and reliability.

It comes with an extra wide base and stable base that can support any rigorous workout routines. None of the parts wobble, which is great. You can freely work your muscles here without being bothered by any annoying movements in the rig. The Rep Power Pack can support up to 700 pounds of weight when it comes to bar hooks and 400 pounds for the dip attachment and pull-up bar.

The construction of the frame is extremely rugged. It does not feel shabby at all. There are additional bar holders, too, that provides extra safety to the user. Meanwhile, the bar knurling has powder-coated J-cups for added protection. The Rep Power Rack – PR-1000 have different models, with each one featuring unique setup or equipment. The default rig does not have the bench, so it is an extra consideration that you have to take.


  • Studded with safety features such as locks
  • Tough and long-lasting design
  • Can support different workouts and exercises
  • thumbs-up
    Large frame to accommodate burly users
  • thumbs-up
    Features weight horns to enhance its stability


  • The numbered uprights are quite hard to read, especially if there is not enough lighting in your room

How to Choose the Best Bench and Squat Rack

The quality of the rack can define your overall performance and mileage when working out. You cannot just expect that all gym racks can provide the same level of satisfaction and result. Not all are made to be equal. Some can optimize the intensiveness of your routines while others will just spell trouble and nuisance to you.

If you want to get the right one for you, always consider these following factors:


One of the most important aspects of a power rack or gym rack is their size. Most of the items that I have featured in this article are quite large and bulky. But it doesn't mean that there are no portable models that you can select.

The size of the rack that you should choose must be able to cater your frame. Make sure that it has enough walk-in spacing so that you can move your body liberally when you are working out. After all, squats and presses will require large and open movements.

Also, don't forget the space or room availability of your home. Obviously, you cannot fit a large power rage to an apartment-sized room. You have to consider if there are enough horizontal and vertical clearances on your house in where you can set up the equipment. If none of these are available, then you have to get those compact models instead. 

Safety Bar

The safety bar is an essential component of any modern power racks. Commonly known as J-hooks, the safety bars are the ones that hold the weight bar. When you are working out, these safety components prevents the weight bars from dropping to you.

Therefore, it is necessary that you should get a rack with foolproof safety bars included on it. Also, don't forget that they should be easy to use and instal. The safety bars should have height adjustment feature, too. You should never compromise your safety when working out.

Weight Capacity

The ideal bench and squat rack for regular bodybuilders have a weight capacity of at least 700 pounds. If you want to become a pro and step-up your game, then you should get a rack that has a capacity of 1000 pounds or more. But in general, racks that can offer 300 pounds to 1000 pounds of weight capacity are decent already.

I want to emphasize that the higher the weight capacity, the sturdier the rack becomes. That's a given already. If a rack is designed to cater absurdly large loads and volumes, then its construction should be durable, rugged, and stable.

Storage Post

It would also be great if the rack that you will get has a set of storage posts or pegs. The main purpose of these components is to act as the storage of your weight plates. Such feature is quite ergonomic because it allows you to save a lot of space. At the same time, the pegs also lower the center of gravity of the rack. When this happens, the equipment will become more stable and rooted to the base. To put it simply, they improve the stability and safety of the machine.

Final Verdict

The best bench and squat rack is a great equipment that you can invest if you are planning to mount a personalized gym in your home. This particular tool can improve your leverage by doing intense and high-octane workouts such squats and bench pressing. Some other models can even give you the freedom to install other workout amenities aside from a bench.

The ones that I have listed here are just a rundown of what the market has the offer. They are the top options that you have right now for this particular workout equipment. Although they might not be able to match full-size racks that are found in your gym, they are still effective in bulking your muscles and putting mass to your body.

Among the racks that I have featured, the Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage is the most noteworthy option. It has a durable and rugged construction, with lots of space that you can work upon. It possesses balance and stability, without compromising its performance and capacity. All the essential safety features are present in this option, too.

You can also try the rest of the racks that I reviewed here. Just make sure that they can fit your requirements before you get them. Enjoy and have a productive time on the grind!

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