The Best EZ Curl Bar: Top 6 EZ Curl Bar Review For 2024

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The EZ curl bar is a nice exercise equipment for certain exercises, like bicep curls deadlifts and skull crushers. It’s specially designed to target and improve arm muscles when you perform workouts to boost your biceps, triceps, and forearms. This gym equipment also improves arm power, control, and strength.

If you’re looking for the best EZ curl bar for your hard training then you come to the right place. We tested the popular brands available on the market and discover the top six best EZ curl bars that stand out in the competition. Read the full details of our reviews below.

Top 6 EZ Curl Bars Reviews

1. Editor’s Pick – The Best Product: XMark Olympic EZ Curl Bar


The XMark Olympic EZ curl bar is our best product because it has the best features at the best price. This curl bar is covered with a chrome finish to make it very solid and fight corrosion. If you want to change the intensity of the lift, just take turns on the grips.

This Olympic EZ curl bar features a 2.8 cm grip and medium knurling to give a bit more gripping surface when performing squats. The 2-inch chrome sleeves boast a weight capacity of 400 lbs. What I like about this curl bar is the shaft which is coated with black manganese phosphate. This coating is known to resist corrosion and prevent abrasion.


  • Made with a durable construction
  • Gives a comfortable and strong grip
  • Offers alternate grip options
  • Easy to maintain
  • The black/onyx finish is very attractive
  • Feels well balanced


  • The sleeves seem to be slippery for collars
  • May rust a bit quicker if you don’t wipe the sweat off the bar

2. Runner Up/Alternative Pick – The Second Best Product: Marcy Solid Steel Olympic Weight Bar


This olympic weight bar is made of a sturdy solid steel which can hold 2-inch Olympic weight plates without faltering. It’s made with utmost accuracy to guarantee super strength under tension. The chrome-plated finish is corrosion-resistant and non-toxic. The body is ergonomically-designed to bring comfort as much as possible.

Besides the Olympic EZ curl bar, this set also includes two weight collars to help secure the weight plates on the bar. This ensures safety while you do a variety of intense exercises. Additionally, this bar allows you to wipe off sweat to prevent rust.

The recipe not just only ensures the metabolic activities but also regulates the cognitive functions and strengthens bones. It revitalizes the strength of a bodybuilder from the inside.

The ingredients are processed through updated lab testing procedures to concentrate a proportional blend of enzymes, fatty acids, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, neurotransmitters and growth factors, all of which are necessary for one’s overall well being.


  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty
  • The sweat is easy to clean off the bar
  • Includes two weight locking collars for safety
  • Made with a durable and nice chrome finish
  • Durable and reliable as expected
  • Has an ergonomic design for comfort


  • Grip feels slippery and awkward
  • The bends seem to be uneven.
  • The curves don’t have enough angles for comfort

3. Budget Pick – The Best Product With Limited Budget: Champion Barbell EZ Curl Bar


The Champion Barbell EZ Curl Bar is a budget-friendly option for those who want to improve arm muscles. This 1-inch curl bar can fit regular sized plates. The bar is solid throughout and is produced from very hard steel.

The hand grips are knurled to give a comfortable and secure grip while doing intense workouts. Surprisingly, the medium knurl doesn’t feel rough on the hands. Though cheap, the bar feels really solid and well made. Everything you’re looking for a basic EZ curl bar is found in Champion Barbell.


  • Gives a secure grip in alternate hand placements
  • Comes with a fair price
  • Easy to change the weights with spring clips
  • The chrome finish looks nice and durable
  • Well made and feels solid


  • The ends aren’t threaded for security
  • The bar is a bit short for people above 6-feet
  • Rusts quickly especially in the areas where you hold it

4. Upgrade Pick – The Highest Quality Product With High Price: Ivanko OBZ-30B Black Oxide 5’ Commercial Olympic EZ Curl Bar

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If you don’t mind the expensive price, try the Ivanko OBZ-30B Olympic EZ Curl Bar which offers a quality suitable for commercial use. Knurling is found on close grip and wide grip hand positions. This gives plenty of secured grip on the bar.

This is longer than most Olympic curling bars which offer more flex, especially under heavy amounts of weight plates. The entire bar is covered with elegant black oxide. We like its free rotating bushings that prevent the accumulation of torque on the wrists.


  • Accommodates the widest grip options
  • Offers plenty of weight loading space
  • Rotates to prevent torque buildup
  • Coated with a nice black oxide finish for corrosion resistance
  • Sturdy and well-made


  • The price is very expensive
  • Not comfortable for short people

5. Niche Pick – The Best EZ Curl Bar For Beginners: Sunny Health & Fitness Chrome Curl Bar


If you’re a beginner in intense workouts, try the Sunny Health & Fitness Chrome Curl Bar which features very basic features, like a 1-inch sleeve size and star-lock collars. The 1-inch sleeves accommodate regular-sized plates. The entire bar is made of solid steel and mild rust-resistant chrome finish.

This basic bar has threaded ends with star-lock collars to hold the standard plates securely while you workout. It offers two different grip placements to make your arm muscle workout more effective. The grip is designed with a diamond knurling to give a comfortable and non-slip hold.


  • Sturdy, heavy, and solid
  • The collars offers a rubber barrier for more security
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Coated with a nice chrome finish
  • Gives a comfortable and non-slip grip


  • The star lock collars tend to loose very easily
  • The threads are a bit narrow than the matching dumbbell set

6. Niche Pick – The Best EZ Curl Bar For Individuals With Medial Skills: CAP Barbell Standard 47-In EZ Curl Bar


Develop your upper arm strength and mass with the reliable CAP Barbell Standard 47-in EZ Curl Bar. The bar features a solid chromed steel construction for durability and mild resistance to rust. It’s ends are threaded and include collars to help secure the weight plates while working out.

This bar is perfect for people with intermediate skills because even if it’s a standard bar, it can accommodate 200 pounds of weight plates. This help isolates and intensify the enhancement of your upper arm muscles. As far as the bend is concerned, it’s the same with the amount of bend you’re going to get at many gyms.


  • Has a good bend and flex
  • Offers alternate grip preferences
  • The chrome finish is very smooth
  • Threaded with collars to hold the plates really well
  • Developed from hard steel


  • Keeps unscrewing itself
  • The rubber in the caps wears down easily

Best EZ Curl Bar Buying Guide

Shopping for the best EZ curl is difficult if you don’t know what to look for. You need to consider several factors, including construction, sleeve size, and knurling. Before we discuss that in detail, let’s get to know more about EZ curl bar.

What Is An EZ Curl Bar?

ez curl bar

If you’ve seen that crooked looking barbell in the gym, then you’ve already seen an EZ curl bar. This bar was invented by Lewis G. Dymeck to solve the problem of curling with a regular barbell, which put your wrists into awkward positions. Its slight bent looks a “W” though only a little.

The EZ curl bar is ideal if you’re having a hard time finding a good grip on a straight bar. The hand placement and grip help isolate specific muscle groups more effectively. Compared to a straight bar, the EZ curl bar will allow you to experiment with various grip positions. It also eases out the tension from your wrists or elbows.

Advantages Of Using An EZ Curl Bar

Using An EZ Curl Bar

The selling point of an EZ Curl bar is its slight angle which eases out the tension from your wrists, elbows, and forearms. This reduces the risk of common injuries that may arise from curling with a straight bar constantly.

The EZ curl bar also offers a more comfortable grip which concentrates on various bicep and tricep areas. In using this bar, your hands are a bit pronated, which changes the way your upper arm muscles are used. This allows your hands and wrists to be in a comfortable position while moving.

Since they’re compact and easier to store, they’re perfect for the home gym. The EZ bar is ideal for these exercises: spider curl, skullcrusher, and close-grip press. It can also be used for preacher curls as it offers a comfortable hand placement while sitting.

That said though, there’s a downside to using the EZ curl bar which is that it keeps you from achieving a full contraction with the biceps. As such, it’s your call to choose which bar you want to utilize for curls or whether you want to use a combo. If you have weak wrists, however, it offers a helpful aid.

If you want to know the proper technique in using the EZ curl bar, watch this video

What To Look For

Sleeve Size

When choosing the sleeve size consider the size of the plates. There are two sizes of plates: Olympic and regular. The Olympic weights suit for 2-inch sleeves while the regular size weights suit for 1-inch sleeves.

Another aspect to consider when choosing the sleeve size is the amount of weight you plan to load. Choose a regular EZ curl bar if you plan on loading no more than 160-200 pounds. If you want to load up more than 200 pounds, then consider getting an Olympic EZ.

A regular size EZ curl bar may be cheaper but it can’t help you with technique like what an Olympic curl bar can do. So, we recommend that you invest in an Olympic curl bar and plate set.


The effectiveness of the bar in taking away unwanted tension from the wrists will greatly depend on the angles or amount of bent. Manufacturers use different angles. Depending on what’s comfortable for you, choose between a mellow or more pronounced bend.

Durable Construction

You want an EZ curl bar that will last the beating of constant use. Some of the best brands are durably covered with chrome. The highest quality bars use black manganese phosphate to fight corrosion and abrasion.


The knurling quality is going to impact the strength of your grip. This very important if you plan to use the bar for pull-ups and lifting heavy weights.

A good knurling will need less forearm movement and will enable you to concentrate more on the triceps or biceps. If you like to challenge yourself to various hand positions, look for a bar with the knurling running throughout the whole length of the bar.


Taking everything into consideration, the XMark Olympic EZ Curl Bar is hailed as the best product on our EZ curl bar review of 2018. Its 2-inch sleeve can carry Olympic plates which can give you a better technique. The medium knurling also offers a comfortable grip and feel to the bar. Overall, this bar is sturdy, bends right, and easy to maintain.

What sets XMark Olympic EZ Curl Bar different from its competitors is the black manganese phosphate on the shaft. This coating is the hardest and offers a remarkable abrasion protection.

If you have questions about this guide, let us know in the comment section. Please share this article with your friends and family if you like it.

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