How To Do Butterfly Crunches in 2 Ways

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Do you want that sexy six packs or a flat stomach in the shortest time possible? If so, then you’re in the right place. Here in this article, we’ll help you achieve your body goal through butterfly crunches in two ways.

A butterfly crunch is known as an advanced exercise where you lay down just like as any form of crunch. The only difference is your legs have to be on the surface and your feet should be in contact with each other. This way, you overcome the pressure of your legs by straining your muscles. For more details about this exercise, keep on reading.

Benefits Of Butterfly Crunches

Butterfly crunches

So why should you perform the butterfly crunch? Well, there are many reasons why but we’ll only highlight just a few of them:

  • It helps build core stability. When you have stable core muscles, you’ll have efficient body movement. You can also achieve good posture as you have to keep your back straight.
  • When done properly, this exercise can help tone out your ab muscles. This is specifically useful if you like to create that six pack and remove that belly pooch in no time.
  • You can perform the butterfly crunches with other types of workout exercises to reap maximum results. You can do this alongside other crunch exercises like the plank to strengthen your core muscles.
  • You don’t need any special equipment. If you like to be comfortable, you can use an exercise mat and exercise clothes.
  • This type of crunch exercise can help improve digestion. It can stimulate your ab muscles and enhance your peristalsis, making it easy to move your bowel.

What You’ll Need​

  • Exercise Mat

You’ll need an exercise to lay down comfortably on a hard floor. The mat will ease out the pressure on your back as you do the exercise. There are actually many types of mats available which include pilates mats, yoga mats, and fitness mats.

The best exercise mat for crunches is the fitness mat. Unlike the pilates and yoga mats, the fitness mat is thick and large. It’s generally at least 0.5” thick and about 5” long.

It’s great for crunches because it can absorb some of the impact shocks when you lie on the hard floor. This type of mat also offers a cushion between the floor and yourself during the exercise.

If you don’t have an exercise mat, you can use any training mattress as long as it’s not squishy. A squishy bed would only repeal most of the effects.

  • Exercise Clothing

While you could use the same clothes for each type of workout you perform, some types of exercise are more fun and you’ll be able to perform better if you wear something more appropriate. You want an exercise clothing that’s not restrictive so you can move freely when doing the butterfly crunches.

Cotton is incredibly cheap and comfortable but it can’t wick your sweat. Look for breathable synthetic fabric that will wick your sweat away from your skin. This will keep you dry and cool even during the summer.

Since you’ll stretch your legs and spend most of your time pressed against a mat, you’ll need pants that won’t tear nor slip. Look for pants with a lot of stretches and medium compression. Avoid pants with buttons, zippers, or any metal parts because they can be uncomfortable when you do the crunches.

  • Hard Work And Determination​

Now, everybody must have these qualities if you want maximum results. You should be focused on what you want to be. If you want flat abs, then work for it, honey.

We’ve heard from a lot of beginners that they feel tired of doing the butterfly crunches because they don’t know how to execute them well. Well, nothing beats hard work and determination. If you want to create all that difference in your life, you shouldn’t fear to go that extra mile.

Step-By-Step Instructions

How To Do Butterfly Crunches in 2 Ways

Butterfly Crunch Version 1- The Easy Method

If you’re a beginner of this exercise, we recommend that you perform this easy method. This requires less flexibility and it can be done really easily with your hands behind your head.

While you do this exercise, make sure that you execute each rep really slowly to get maximum benefits. Your abs might feel strained for a little while but it’s a great way to get used to it eventually.

1. Lie On The Exercise Mat

Position the exercise mat on any hard surface. With your comfortable exercise clothing on, lie on your back and bend your knees. Make sure that you keep your soles together.

2. Crunch Up

Now, lift your head and shoulder blades up off the floor towards the ceiling. Do this while you’re contracting your abdominal muscles. Keep your lower back flat.

Sometimes, people get neck pain because they hunch their necks too much. To prevent neck pains, keep the distance between your chest and chin. You want your ab muscles to do all the work, not your neck.

3. Lower Down And Repeat

Slowly lower under control to complete one rep. Breathe out when you crunch up and breathe in when you slowly go back to the starting position. Do 10 reps for a complete set.

To show you a demonstration of a butterfly crunches, watch this

Butterfly Crunches Version 2 – The Advanced Method

Now to toughen this ab exercise, you’ll be lifting your feet toward your hands as you crunch up. This will ensure that you engage your lower abdominal muscles. As a result, you’ll get a flat stomach and remove that unsightly lower belly pooch in no time.

1. Begin With The Starting Position

Sit on the exercise mat and bend your knees. Slightly lift your legs off the ground and keep your feet together. Your legs should be slightly outwards to form that butterfly shape.

Your upper body should also be up off the ground and your hands extended in front. Make sure that your palms are facing together and pointing towards your feet.

2. Crunch Up

Now, do a full-body crunch. This means you bring your hands and knees toward each other while forming a butterfly shape with your legs. Try to reach your toes and lift your pelvis slightly off the mat. Exhale when you crunch up and feel your abs squeezing.

3. Return To Start Position And Repeat

Slowly get back to the starting position and inhale. This completes one rep. Perform 15 reps in 2-3 sets.

If you want to know how these advanced butterfly crunches are done, watch this

Pro Tips

  • You can slightly slide your feet away from your body for a few inches if the butterfly crunches feel very difficult. Keep doing this tip until your body gets the hang of doing this exercise.
  • Try additional crunches before you do the butterfly crunch. This way, you become familiar with the movement and provides maximum advantages.
  • Try incorporating other core exercises (e.g. planks) in addition to butterfly crunches. This will help balance your core strength.
  • If you want to create the most out of your ab muscles, bring your heel as close to your body. This will increase the difficulty level but you’ll get maximum results.
  • One of the most popular complaints when doing a butterfly crunch is neck pain. To prevent this problem, let your ab or core muscles do all the work and not your neck. Avoid arching your neck when lifting your head and bring it near to your chest.


As you can see above, it’s clear that butterfly crunches are simple to do. It needs no special equipment and you can basically do it anywhere on a comfortable surface. If you like to be comfortable, you can always use an exercise mat and cozy exercise clothes.

This type of crunch is unique from other crunches because you have to spread out your knees to form a butterfly shape. The difficulty in maintaining a flat spine will work out your rectus abdominal muscles or your six pack and help you achieve a flat stomach. Just remember to keep it easy the first time and increase the level of difficulty if your body starts to get the hang of it.

If you’ve tried doing this exercise, tell us your thoughts in the comment section. Please share this article with your friends and family if you like it.

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