How To Do The 200 Situps Challenge: A Six-Week Guide

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One of the most golden arsenals that you can flaunt your body is your abdomen. Nothing is more delicious and eye-catching than razor-sculpted abs. It is something that every bodybuilder wants to accomplish and attain. But of course, this wonder is something that you should work on.

There is no magic or tricks that are involved in developing your core strength. You can just attain such affinity if you dedicate yourself to exercise. We all know that aside from looking flashy and flaunty, doing regular exercises and other physical activities will improve your skeletal and functional health. It can also lower the risk factors for stroke, diabetes, and a variety of cardiac-related illnesses.

Going back, it is notable that a lot of people are struggling when it comes to ripping their abs. Sure, they can easily make strong guns out of their biceps by carrying heavy loads. However, the story takes a different turn when we talk about our core strength. Some people have just given up their hopes on this matter.

Fortunately, there is this one unique regimen that they call “200 situps.” Just as its name suggests, the routine will demand you to do 200 situps for a particular period. Being able to religiously follow the program will certainly boost your core strength and hone the appearance of your abs.

The 200 Situps Program: Is It Necessary?

How To Do The 200 Situps Challenge: A Six-Week Guide

There is always a caveat to every promise that we give. Some think that doing 200 or 300 situps day by day is a good calorie burner. Sadly, that is not the real case. You see, the situp is a type of strength-training exercises. Its primary goal is to strengthen a particular muscle region (which is your abdomen). If you are looking for a way to burn those calories like your body is on fire, you should try doing cardio exercises.

But of course, this doesn’t mean that you can shrug off the idea of doing situps. For example, if you want to bolster the capacity of your core muscles, you need to do a variety of sit-ups, such as butterfly situps and sit up crossfit. Aside from your abs, these exercises can also develop your hip flexors and obliques.

If you are going to try unique variations like Janda sit ups and reverse sit ups, you can also enhance the strength of your different muscle regions in your legs. Because it is a type of strength-training, you can guarantee that situps can also improve the flexibility and balance of your body. Your blood pressure would be regulated, as well.

Nobody can deny that these perks are too fancy to be ignored. The elevation of your metabolism will eventually pave a way to a better version of you. If you have high strength and endurance, then doing rigorous would be a lot easier than it used to be. Moreover, if you are going to pair it with premium pre-workout supplements, who knows what you can achieve for a short period!

Once your body becomes capable of doing regular 200 situps per day, there is a sure guarantee that your abs will be ripped in fashion. Doing this program will also elevate your stamina. In the long run, this would allow your body to do crazy feats such as performing numerous sets of V sit ups and decline situps! These two are notoriously difficult, even for the common practitioners. 

How to Do The 200 Situps Challenge?

How To Do The 200 Situps Challenge: A Six-Week Guide

I know that by just looking at the figure alone, the regimen is extremely daunting already. For sure, some of you are struggling to do at least of 30 counts of this exercise, even if it is just a simple sit up crunch. However, that’s the best thing about this program.

Specifically, the latter is not some kind of an instant punishment that you would give to your body. The process is gradual, sometimes taking several weeks to accomplish. The goal of this test is to develop your strength in a way that it can be sustained throughout your lifetime. 

Initial Considerations

Before starting the program, let me remind you first of a couple of things. Here are they:

  • There is no need for you to do the routine every day. I recommend that you should do this every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, leaving the remaining days for your recuperation. You must never subject your body to extreme stress. Even if you are taking pre-workout supplements, staying on this route is still advisable.
  • You must get a medical clearance from your physician. Some people are not suitable to do this strenuous routine. If you suspect that you have some health issues that can impede you from starting this program, then you should consult your doctor immediately.
  • Make an initial assessment. If you are medically cleared to perform the 200 situps program, you must begin by starting a test. The only thing that you have to do here is to do as many sit ups you can without resting. The number of situps that you can do will evaluate your current fitness level.
  • For people that age 30 years old and under has an average performance if they can do 40 to 58 sit ups continuously. Meanwhile, the average for the 30 to 39 years old bracket is around to 38 to 51 sit ups. Folks of over 40 years old can feel relief if they can achieve 25 to 46 sit ups.
  • However, take note that these figures are just sample indicators. Do not be discouraged if you failed to reach them. After all, the 200 situps training is made to develop your core strength on a gradual but steady curve. 

First Week:

Once you can accomplish those requirements successfully, it is time for you to start the program. I have made a simple table that you can follow the number of situps and repetitions that you should do.

Always remember that you should take a 60-second rest per repetition interval. It is necessary so that your body won’t wear out quickly. You are allowed to extend your rest to two minutes if you feel that 60 seconds is too short.

Also, it would be wise if you can log the number of situps that you can make. In this way, you can keep track of your progress.

Lastly, make sure that you don’t exceed the numbers. Do not overexert yourself in the exercise. In fact, it is acceptable if you will fall short of the recommended amount of sit ups that you should do per repetition. 

First Day (Monday)

  • Set 1 – 9 sit ups
  • Set 2 – 9 sit ups
  • Set 3 – 6 sit ups
  • Set 4 – 6 sit ups
  • Set 5 – 8 sit ups 

Second Day (Wednesday)

  • Set 1 – 9 sit ups
  • Set 2 – 12 sit ups
  • Set 3 – 9 sit ups
  • Set 4 – 9 sit ups
  • Set 5 – 10 sit ups 

Third Day (Friday)

  • Set 1 – 12 sit ups
  • Set 2 – 15 sit ups
  • Set 3 – 11 sit ups
  • Set 4 – 11 sit ups
  • Set 5 – 15 sit ups

Have you completed this regimen? It is time to move to the second week! 

Second Week:

First Day (Monday)

  • Set 1 – 14 sit ups
  • Set 2 – 17 sit ups
  • Set 3 – 12 sit ups
  • Set 4 – 12 sit ups
  • Set 5 – 17 sit ups 

Second Day (Wednesday)

  • Set 1 – 15 situps
  • Set 2 – 18 sit ups
  • Set 3 – 14 sit ups
  • Set 4 – 14 sit ups
  • Set 5 – 20 sit ups 

Third Day (Friday)

  • Set 1 – 18 sit ups
  • Set 2 – 20 sit ups
  • Set 3 – 15 sit ups
  • Set 4 – 15 sit ups
  • Set 5 – 23 sit ups 

Third Week:

First Day (Monday)

  • Set 1 – 18 sit ups
  • Set 2 – 25 sit ups
  • Set 3 – 19 sit ups
  • Set 4 – 19 sit ups
  • Set 5 – 25 sit ups 

Second Day (Wednesday)

  • Set 1 – 21 sit ups
  • Set 2 – 28 sit ups
  • Set 3 – 21 sit ups
  • Set 4 – 21 sit ups
  • Set 5 – 28 sit ups

Third Day (Friday)

  • Set 1 – 24 sit ups
  • Set 2 – 32 sit ups
  • Set 3 – 23 sit ups
  • Set 4 – 23 sit ups
  • Set 5 – 32 sit ups 

Fourth Week:

By this time, you should feel a lot stronger than the past month. But take note that you can still suffer from exhaustion even from these conditioning exercises that you are doing. Therefore, I recommend that you should vary the formations of your sit ups to mitigate the strain. You can do reverse sit ups, sit up crunch, or whatever you like. 

First Day (Monday)

  • Set 1 – 27 sit ups
  • Set 2 – 33 sit ups
  • Set 3 – 24 sit ups
  • Set 4 – 24 sit ups
  • Set 5 – 35 sit ups 

Second Day (Wednesday)

  • Set 1 – 30 sit ups
  • Set 2 – 38 sit ups
  • Set 3 – 30 sit ups
  • Set 4 – 30 sit ups
  • Set 5 – 40 sit ups 

Third Day (Friday)

  • Set 1 – 35 sit ups
  • Set 2 – 42 sit ups
  • Set 3 – 35 sit ups
  • Set 4 – 35 sit ups
  • Set 5 – 45 sit ups 

Fifth Week:

Keep up the good work! You are doing great! This week will be a tough one!

First Day (Monday)

  • Set 1 – 42 sit ups
  • Set 2 – 52 sit ups
  • Set 3 – 38 sit ups
  • Set 4 – 33 sit ups
  • Set 5 – 50 sit ups 

Second Day (Wednesday)

  • Set 1 – 27 sit ups
  • Set 2 – 27 sit ups
  • Set 3 – 30 sit ups
  • Set 4 – 30 sit ups
  • Set 5 – 21 sit ups
  • Set 6 – 20 sit ups
  • Set 7 – 24 sit ups
  • Set 8 – 57 sit ups 

Third Day (Friday)

  • Set 1 – 26 sit ups
  • Set 2 – 25 sit ups
  • Set 3 – 30 sit ups
  • Set 4 – 30 sit ups
  • Set 5 – 26 sit ups
  • Set 6 – 26 sit ups
  • Set 7 – 30 sit ups
  • Set 8 – 67 sit ups

If you can’t manage this week, then just repeat it until such time you can seize the ordeal. You should do the same for the rest of the weeks that you can finish.

Sixth Week:

First Day (Monday)

  • Set 1 – 60 sit ups
  • Set 2 – 75 sit ups
  • Set 3 – 38 sit ups
  • Set 4 – 35 sit ups
  • Set 5 – 75 sit ups

Second Day (Wednesday)

  • Set 1 – 31 sit ups
  • Set 2 – 31 sit ups
  • Set 3 – 34 sit ups
  • Set 4 – 34 sit ups
  • Set 5 – 31 sit ups
  • Set 6 – 31 sit ups
  • Set 7 – 28 sit ups
  • Set 8 – 28 sit ups
  • Set 9 – 80 sit ups

Third Day (Friday)

  • Set 1 – 33 sit ups
  • Set 2 – 33 sit ups
  • Set 3 – 45 sit ups
  • Set 4 – 45 sit ups
  • Set 5 – 35 sit ups
  • Set 6 – 35 sit ups
  • Set 7 – 26 sit ups
  • Set 8 – 26 sit ups
  • Set 9 – 90 sit ups

Congratulations! You have finished the 6-week test. But wait, there is one final test that is waiting for you. 

The Final Challenge

To conclude this terrific trial, you should do one more thing. After the sixth week, make sure that you can rest your body one to two days. Have a proper hydration and meal plan to rejuvenate your energy. Once you have finished resting, it is the time that you do 200 situps consecutively.

At first, you might see this impossible. But if you were able to complete the six-week program religiously and without any cheating, you will be dumbfounded that your body has enough strength and gears to the feat! Of course, you should not do this routine on a daily basis. I suggest that every 200 situps you do, have a two-day rest afterward. Eat proper meals and have an ample time of sleep, too.

If you sustain injuries throughout the course, just stop and seek medical attention. There is no point in strengthening your body if it will get damaged in the process.

Was this article helpful? If you have some questions and suggestions, feel free to ask me in the comment section below!

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