How To Do Cross Crunches In 4 Easy Steps

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If you’ve been doing home workouts long enough, you might be bored of doing just regular crunches. Let’s be honest here, after a while, it gets boring. In the long run, it no longer improves your physique and performance. 

Sure, it might be fun for a couple of weeks, but following a boring process for a long time doesn’t call for great aesthetics. That’s why I’m here to save the day – or your workout. I’ll teach you how to do cross crunches!

Don’t worry, while it’s pretty easy to do, it still gives you a challenging workout. From what I have experienced, this is probably one of the best exercises to date! Check these awesome ways below.

Proper Form and Breathing Pattern 

In this area, it’s important to keep everything in proper alignment. Here’s the thing, athletes usually have a common mistake of letting their arms or knees do the work – that’s wrong!

How To Do Cross Crunches In 4 Easy Steps

Your primary goal is to give your abs a good beating. Throughout the workout, the only thing that should be kept pressured is your abs.

In order to prevent injuries, your spine should be in neutral position. Both of your hands should support your head from each side to keep you at bay.

As for the proper breathing pattern, you only have to breathe out as you squeeze your abs. Legs should be maintained as static as you keep doing the works. 

What Are The benefits You Get From The Workout?

Before you start working out, you need to know WHY you’re doing it. It’s only essential for you to know that it hits your oblique muscles – getting ready for the summer body.

As for what you can get, you basically have an overall boost for strengthening your core while sculpting your waist to your desired shape. 

How Many Sets and Reps Should You Do?

If you’ve just started out, it’s advisable for you to do at least 20 to 25 crunches per side. If you find it too easy, then you can increase the number as you go on. 

If you want a secret on how to make results faster, you simply have to mix up these crunches with some cardio movement. It’s a great way to burn belly fats while strengthening your core muscles at the same time.

Fun Fact: It’s Better Than Doing Full Sit-Ups

How To Do Cross Crunches In 4 Easy Steps

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking – how is that even possible? Well, let’s go down to the basics first. We all know that by doing “crunches” it enhances your rectus abdominis thru the flex. 

Logically speaking, the higher it gets, the more “flex” your body receives. However, that’s not always the case. It has been stated by a scientist – you may call him as Len Kravitz – that the muscles in our abs are only activated at the range of 30 to 45 degrees. 

Correspondingly, it’s the same motion which you get when you lift your shoulders blades off the ground. Now, if you’re not being informed about doing full sit-ups, let me tell you something.

If you’re still going to continue to lift higher than what’s recommended, your hip flexors activate. Now, this isn’t such a pretty sight. As a matter of fact, it even puts stress on the lumbar spine. 

Remember, the hip flexors which you have are already in pressure as it is. It means you don’t need to put in another trouble for them.

In a nutshell, by doing the range of motion, it perfectly trains your core without having to put pressure or stress on your back.

Endurance-Building Move

How To Do Cross Crunches In 4 Easy Steps

Your abs have a special role in your body. It works to give you the stabilization you need – specifically, in your mid-section. In addition, by strengthening your abs, it would help you maintain proper posture.

This is especially important for when you’re lifting heavier loads. This lets you maneuver your body at your own will as you can freely twist and rotate.

If your job requires a lot of lifting and moving, it’s important to keep them strong enough to maintain for long periods of time.

Crunches are designed to help us build our endurance in our abdomen. It doesn’t mean you have to keep doing crunches for the rest of your lives – or 7 days a week.

Another great thing about it is that even if you’re just going to do it once a week, it greatly boosts your endurance. That is when compared to people who haven’t gone through training yet. 

Do you want to know the facts? This was  published 2 years ago (2015) in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness.

It’s Better Than Gadgets 

I’m pretty sure we all have tried watching an infomercial about a certain machine or equipment. Yeah, the line is pretty old – “you can only get defined abs if you use special gadget” or something like that. 

Truth be told, I almost was once a victim of their commercials. Their promises are way too good to be turned down. However, all of what their saying are rubbish. 

Back in 2014, there was a study conducted by the American Council on Exercise. In the small but hard-hitting study, it has been said that these tools are to be pitied with.

Apparently, these don’t give you effectiveness. To name a few, they are your everyday rollers, ab rocket, and much more. These don’t do anything which activates the abdomen.

Also, you should always remember, with the traditional way of crunching, you don’t have to waste cash. Heck, it even saves you space if anything!

Here’s What You Should Do: 

Step#1. Lie Down 

How To Do Cross Crunches In 4 Easy Steps

What are you going to need? It’s simple: A mat. 

This is where you’re going to lie down on your back. Unless you want to use the floor. However, using a mat keeps your back cushioned and safe. In addition, you need to keep both of your knees bent for this position.

Step#2. Raise Your Shoulders

How To Do Cross Crunches In 4 Easy Steps

For the next step, you just have to simply raise it off the floor. But this doesn’t mean you have to sit up in order to get this right.  Ideally, you should notice that your abdominals are being flexed. 

This is an indication that you’re doing the process correctly. The pressure from your abs is where the show starts. 

Step#3. Reach It Out 

Coming from your placement, you’re ready to get the workout started. You can do so by stretching out your knee. For instance, if you’re going to start with your right, it should be received by your left hand. 

After it has been done, you need to bring it a bit down just enough to make it move toward your hip. While on the process of doing it, reach out toward your left need. This time, you’re going to use your right hand.

Step#4. Keep Doing What You’re Doing

After you’ve followed everything – from the 1st step to this part – you’re basically good to go. Just remember to keep alternating your reaches. And while you do so, never forget to keep your abdominal muscles flexed at all times.

If not, the whole point of the workout would be useless. 

Conclusion: What Can You Say?

Alright, we’re finally at the end of the article. Crunches are an awesome way to get your abs toned up. But doing cross crunches would mean you’re doing it on a whole new different level. 

The instructions listed are pretty simple, it can be done in a blink of an eye. The only problem is maintaining your momentum and consistency with workouts like these.

Just remember, if you want to keep your workouts fresh and challenging, you should tell your friends and family as well. It helps you to maintain your motivation. At the same time, results are achieved faster.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below. I always make sure to respond to it right away just to help you out. Also, if you liked it, share this post on your social media accounts!

It would mean the world for me!

Hi there! I know you’re bored with doing the same old crunches for years – are there any varieties? Apparently, there are. And one of which is I’m going to tell you in this post.

You see, lately, I’ve been noticing that my progress in the abdominal section has been slow. Like, really slow. I was confused at first, but then with a bit of research, I finally found out my lapses. 

Lately, I’ve been doing a new kind of crunches. Well, I’m going to teach you How To Do Cross Crunches. Don’t worry, it’s only 4 steps to getting the party started.

Guys, this is pretty easy to do. I first started doing it and the results have been evident in the first few weeks. I continued to do so for months’ time, and the results are better than with full sit-ups!

It’s being covered in the article. This won’t take much time to read – enjoy!

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