Aesthetic Bodybuilding: How is it Different?

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Specificity seems to pervade every aspect of modern life. Even the fitness circuit is fielding questions that demand more precise answers such as: What is Aesthetic Bodybuilding? 

Specialization has become the standard of modern society since the middle of the previous century. You don’t just go see a doctor today, you see a cardiologist, an oncologist, or whatever practitioner that addresses your very specific medical issue. Everything today seems to be getting more pigeonholed. Like when you attend an art school now, you are not just taking up fine arts. You are taking digital media, visual arts, advertising, game design, or whatever particular field you are most interested in. So, why should it not be the same with bodybuilding, right?

Well, that is just one way to look at things. The other school of thoughts shuns compartmentalization, like when you see a rapper, a balladeer, a rocker, or an operatic tenor, all you see is a singer, no more, no less. But since the theme of our discussion seems to lean heavily on the former, let us try to answer the $64 question: 

what is aesthetic bodybuilding

What is aesthetic bodybuilding and how is it different from traditional bodybuilding? 

Based on the dictionary definition of the two keywords, “aesthetic bodybuilding” can be interpreted as a sports program that involves strenuous and progressive exercises to build and strengthen muscles for the purpose of increasing positive appeal.

In other words, aesthetic bodybuilders are more focused on achieving the clearest muscle definition, the sexiest body proportion, and the most alluring look. To them, the most important thing is not how much weight they can bench press, or the circumference of their biceps, per se. What really counts is symmetry and proportion and how each part measures up and fits exactly into the mold of their idealized physique. A V-shaped torso, washboard abs, a muscular shoulder, arms and chest that nicely fills a tight fitting shirt are just some of the objectives.  

Hardcore bodybuilders, on the other hand, are more concerned with pushing the limit to get bigger and stronger. Actually, to become the biggest and strongest of them all, if possible. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter much to them if their bulk is aesthetically proportional to their height and natural frame. Bragging rights only come from how huge they can build their biceps, quads, deltoids and every other muscle in their bodies, or how much weights they can lift and progressively add to their workout program. 

what is aesthetic bodybuilding

I am not saying that one is better than the other. In fact, both outlooks are laudable as the inherent goal of any bodybuilding activity is to shed fat and build muscles, which makes a person healthier, stronger, and more confident. 

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Some Practical Tips to Aesthetically Build Your Body

  1. Pay more attention to proportion – The very purpose of aesthetic bodybuilding is not only to look good in front of the mirror but also in the eyes of other people, particularly the opposite sex. I don’t need to tell you what most people today perceive as sexy, but I can state for a fact that includes having a well proportionate build. So, when you go to the gym, it is a must that you have a clear-cut program that will work out all the right muscle groups in your body. Consult a fitness professional or do your research if needed.
  1. Go more for quality rather than quantity in your workout – Doing exercises the proper way enables you to reach your fitness goals quicker and better. There is always a scientific way to do everything. Try to learn from experienced bodybuilders in your gym who seem to have already achieved your ideal physique. You will be surprised how many of them would be willing to answer your questions and give you workout tips, or even spot you. 
  1. Always opt for clean bulking – There is absolutely no substitute for having a proper and well-balanced daily nutrition to achieve an aesthetically pleasing physique. You can also benefit from the right and safety-tested sports supplements such as whey protein and creatine. Again, there is no harm in asking bodybuilders who blazed the trail for you.
  1. Consistency is the key – To achieve your best beach body ever, you need to keep on doing the things that work well for your body. Maintaining the right diet and workout program are just two of your main pillars in building a dream physique. You need to reinforce them with a clean and sensible lifestyle that includes having a healthy sleeping habit and shunning substances that could be harmful to your body. 

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what is aesthetic bodybuilding

Final Words

It doesn’t really matter whether you are working out for the sole purpose of getting more attractive or more physically imposing and formidable. The point is you are doing something to improve your health and confidence. So it’s all good. However, it will become bad if building your body becomes an obsession that you start neglecting other aspects of your life such as family relationships, work or business, and mental and spiritual well-being.

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