How to Get Free Supplements from Legitimate Companies

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Bodybuilding supplements are virtually everywhere. Many workout enthusiasts are already gaining their traction, thanks to the presence of the performance enhancers.

Unfortunately, not all can afford these products. And if they do, they are still feeling reluctant. There will be a point in their lives where they will have to search for means on how to get one at a relatively lower price.

But didn’t you know that you can get good supplements without paying any dime? Check this guide out and discover how to get free supplements. Let’s start now!

Free Supplements: Are They For Real?

How to get free supplements

Although it sounds unbelievable, some manufacturers and companies today offer people to try their products for free. Of course, I am not just talking about supplements. Many products out there, especially those that are related to health and diet, come with a free trial.

This kind of extravagance is not just a matter of splurging or showing off. For instance, supplement manufacturers have to do this as a way to introduce their new products. If they ever released a new line of supplements, they would want people to try it immediately, right? Therefore, they have to put down their doubts first. And there’s no better way of doing this than giving free trials.

Companies actually benefit from this strategy. It is a give-and-take scheme that provides optimal leverage between two parties (manufacturers and consumers). If a free supplement is being offered to you, consider trying it. There’s a good chance that it is a good offer!

Should I Acquire All Free Supplements?

Well, there is always a caveat when it comes to free products. Sometimes, our instinct would tell us to be dubious at some propositions, especially if they appear too good. Just like what I have said in the past, getting supplements with “secret premium blends” are not good. After all, there’s a good chance that they are a sham for not revealing anything to you.

That’s the same kind of precaution that I want you to exercise whenever you are searching for a free supplement. Legitimate supplement companies would always advertise or tell where or how should you get a free sample of their products. They will never let you take on a questionable compromise in exchange for the supplement.

Various websites today are trying to rip-off the offers of genuine companies. Fortunately, there are easy ways to prevent yourself from falling into the trap. Here are some of them:

  • Check the appearance of the website. If it does not look optimized, or it has been designed poorly, it is probably a fake. Authentic supplement companies would never make their sites messy!
  • Inspect the links. If the links are not secured by several security protocols, it might be a scam. Also, if the link will direct you to some landing pages that are not really related to the offer, just close it. You won’t get anything there.
  • Right now, the best thing that you can do is trust only known supplement companies. Once they give an offer, take the bite. Never fall to the traps of potential scammers and phishing sites.

How to Get Free Supplements From Companies

How to get free supplements

Now, this is the boiling question that many people want to be answered. Many are trying their best to get their hand of some of the effective supplements out there. Since the price is an issue for some, this kind of strategy is like their only hope.

Don’t worry a thing. Like I said earlier, free supplements do exist. In fact, it is quite surprising that several companies are very willing to send free product samples to their eager customers. Once you can learn the art of haggling with them, you can now do your favorite routines with the help of free but premium supplements.

One tip that I would give you is to be as open as possible. Send your real information to them. If they would ask you where you are living right now, disclose your address. There’s no point beguiling them. Also, don’t forget to state the reason why you want a free supplement. If your response can satisfy them, supplements will be coming to your doorway!

The Golden Contact List

You know when a company is legitimate if they publicly display their contact list. It is a sign that they are open to their clients and potential customers. But of course, you can utilize these lines as well so that you can get a free supplement from them.

Among all the supplement manufacturers today, here are some that actually provide their customers with free samples of their products. Take note that you can only contact these producers via email. But I guess sending your email is never a difficult thing on your part.

  • CytoSport – This company is quite generous. They can give you any samples of their products. You should try researching which of their supplements are worth trying.
  • Gaspari Nutrition – What Gaspari gives is a free sample of Size On. I also heard that they could also send SuperPump250. Regardless Email:
  • Controlled Labs – You should try your luck to this supplement manufacturer. After all, getting free bodybuilding supplements is worth the effort!Email:
  • Muscle Pharm – The supplements of Muscle Pharm are all impressive and highly-rated. From what I have read, the company can provide free samples of their BulletProof and Assault supplements. Email:
  • Anabolic X – Well, Anabolic X has been pretty magnanimous to other bodybuilders. I haven’t tried contacting them yet, but as far as I know, this manufacturer gives Anabolic Xtreme Stimulant X for free!Contact:
  • Infinite Labs – It would also be a good thing if you can get free supplements from Infinite Labs. Just contact the email that I have listed below.Email:
  • Millennium Sports Technologies – I haven’t verified yet if this company gives free samples of their creations. Just try asking them. You wouldn’t lose anything. Email:
  • Cellucor – A reader of mine told me that this manufacturer was able to provide freebies. I have sent an email to them and just waiting for their reply!Email:

Here are some other supplement manufacturers that you can negotiate for your free bodybuilding supplement sample:

  • CREAT-ure Email:
  • Purus LabsEmail:
  • USPlabsDirectEmail:

How to Convince Them that You Are Worthy Recipient of Free Supplements

Knowing how to get in touch with these companies is just the first part of the process. The second part (and the probably the most difficult) is convincing them.

You are well aware that you are not the only person who wants a free supplement. Everyone does. And that even includes me. Even those that are capable of purchasing any workout supplement that they want would give in to the idea of free supplements.

Right now, you have to consider this as a competitive field. Take into account that these companies might only be giving limited samples of their products. You have to be the most deserving creature out there so that you can be noticed by these producers. So how are you going to this?

Be a Legitimate Reviewer

A supplement manufacturer would never give something for free unless it benefits them. In the first place, that’s the very reason why they offer some of their products without charging a fine.

What you want to do right now is to offer a certain term. Tell them that you can provide a holistic, unbiased review of their supplements. Even if you won’t say that you want to get free products, these companies would immediately provide a good offer.

At this point, it will help if you have already reputation that you can rely on. If you can show them your credentials, getting free samples of their supplements would be easy. These companies would really to appear on the newsfeed of popular influencers!

Get Known

You don’t have to be a world-famous athlete before you can get a decent media mileage. Popularity nowadays can be garnered by establishing social media accounts.

If you are really serious in bodybuilding, making a legitimate social media page about yourself would be a lot easier. The very first people who will follow you are those into fitness. After several days, enthusiasts and ordinary folks would get your subscription.

Once you are into such level, getting sponsorships from supplement companies would never be too difficult. In fact, they might be the first one to approach you. Isn’t that a good thing?

Share Your Personal Story

The best way to convince these supplement creators is by being real. Just tell some inspiring stories of what hooked you to fitness and bodybuilding. Are there any diseases or health problems that you want to conquer by ripping off your muscles? Tell it to them! They just dig such tales!

Take into account that there are people who are behind these companies. They are not that insensitive as you thought them to be.


These are some of the guidelines of how to get free supplements. Follow them, and you will certainly get a positive response. On the flip side, always be wary of scams. They are teeming everywhere.

That’s it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

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