How to Get Free Supplements for the Money-wise Bodybuilder

How to get free supplements? This is one question that many bodybuilders have probably wondered at one time or another. Whether you are a rookie in the fitness circuit or has already practically lived a significant portion of your life in the gym, you may still appreciate some freebie samples or supplies from various sports nutrition makers.


Whether you intend to try out particular supplements first before making a significant purchase or simply looking for ways to cut cost on supplements, you may find some of our practical tips to be very helpful.

How to get free supplements

But before we proceed, let us clarify a few things first:

1. We are not endorsing any particular supplements nor working for any marketer. Let us be clear that all the tips we offer here are for the sole purpose of helping you obtain free samples or supply and enable you to actually evaluate products prior to purchase.

2. We only offer tips on how to get free supplements and do not encourage you to take all or any of the products you might receive. It is all up to you to do due diligence and exercise extreme caution before popping any supplement in your mouth.

It’s very much like trick-or-treating when you were a kid. You can get as many candies you can carry but sometimes your mom needs to sort and weed out the stuff that could be harmful to you, like if you have allergies or something.

And remember, you cannot eat all those candies at once. You have to pace yourself or you may get a tummy ache or other discomforts.

3. Finally, we are not teaching you to defraud any supplement suppliers or advising you to make a career out of this. In short, you are not supposed to use any skill or super power you might acquire for evil. Remember Spidey’s wise words: with great power comes great responsibility.

5 Practical (and legal) Tips on How to Get Free Supplements:

#1. “Ask and it shall be given unto you”

You will be surprised at how open and willing some suppliers are to send samples to qualified and prospective consumers. In fact, giving out free samples is one of the most time-tested marketing gimmick employed by most supplement companies in order to gain new customers.

Check out the websites of manufacturers and distributors of sports nutrition and chances are you will find some that actually advertises giving out free samples. Just follow their instructions or learn how to send an email requesting for trial packs of the products you are interested in.

Make sure your request letter is carefully worded but sincere and concise and will be sent to the right address and addressee. Most of them reply immediately to your email and make arrangements on how you can get the items.

Here are some of the supplement manufacturers and distributors that offer free samples with the corresponding email addresses:

Anabolic X




Controlled Labs




Driven Sport


Gaspari Nutrition


Infinite Labs




Millennium Sports Technologies


Muscle Pharm


Purus Labs


#2. Take advantage of suppliers’ promotions

There are online and actual stores that give out free supplements when you make certain purchases, join their mailing list, participate in a survey, or comply to some other promo mechanics. Supplementwarehouse.com is one of those online stores that I encounter that always give free samples with every purchase.

There are also some social media based promos that offer you a chance to win supplements with a simple click of the touchpad or screen on your gadget. Sometimes, all it takes is “like” a certain post or a page and you are already in the sweepstakes to win a tub or more of whey protein, creatine, or other supplements that can help you achieve your fitness goals faster.

A case in point is the current promo of Best Price Nutrition wherein all you need to do is like their Facebook page and you can get the chance to win a big branded product in their daily draw. Here is the URL in case you are interested: https://www.bestpricenutrition.com/free-supplements-giveaway.html

#3. Be an online product reviewer and/or influencer in social media

If you have a blog or Instagram account with a substantial number of followers, particularly those who are also interested in physical fitness, then you can try offering your services as a reviewer and consumer influencer to various supplements company.

Once any one of them find you qualified, they usually send a full program package or a month’s worth of free supplements for your evaluation and posting. There are even some people who are actually making money from this type of venture.

Just be sure to comply with all that will be agreed upon between you and the supplier, such as the scheduled online publication of your written or photo review, and other set terms and conditions.

As of this writing, MuscleTech, one of the most prominent sports nutrition company in the US and abroad, is offering a VIP Product Endorser Program to several sports and fitness enthusiasts who will meet the criteria of their selection process.

They promise a supply of free supplements to those who will be admitted to their program. Here is the URL if you are interested: http://www.muscletech.com/vip-product-endorser-program/

Be on the lookout for similar promotional stunts as the one mentioned above from time to time. Who knows, you may qualify into one of them in the near future.

How to get free supplements

#4. Get Sponsored

If you are a competitive level bodybuilder or an amateur or collegiate athlete, there are ways now to get sponsorship from a sports nutrition company who will provide you or even your whole team with free supplements. Things such as this become more attainable through the power of social media.

If you can convince any company that you can give them a substantial media mileage through your’s and your teammates’ individual and group FB, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram accounts, then getting a free supply of sports supplements is a possibility.

You need to circle back to the first and third tips that we gave you, but on a bigger scale, to pull this off. You have to master the art of asking and offering something in return. Another thing that you should know is that soliciting for sponsorship is not at all different with selling. It’s a numbers game.

Meaning, you should be prepared to write and talk to several companies and their representatives to make your cause known. Moreover, you should also be prepared to take rejections. By the way, don’t forget to thank them politely even for the bad news. Maybe someday you can return to them and finally get a favorable response.

When writing a proposal, always make sure that you can back up everything you will promise. Remember that the only leverage you have is your’s and your team’s credibility and how you can provide them with a content marketing tool to influence a wide circle of followers to patronize, or at least, became widely aware of their products.

How to get free supplements

#5. Become a Sales Associate for a Supplement Distributor

What’s better than getting a free supply of supplements, or at least be able to purchase them at super discounted prices, than making extra bucks too while you’re at it. Send an inquiry to every reputable manufacturers and distributors you can find and state your intention to resell their products on a part-time basis and ask if they have a program that can accommodate you into the ranks of their sales army.

Being a fitness enthusiast yourself, you actually have access to a good number of like-minded individuals. If you are a regular gym-goer and fairly friendly to your fellows then you already have an unofficial roster of prospective customers for an array of bodybuilding supplements. Add to that your circle of friends in social media and you definitely have something to start with.

Besides potential monetary compensation, there is also a possibility that you can take advantage of an incentive or discount program within the organization wherein you can avail free or lower priced products.

Final Words

Perhaps you noticed that there is a progression on the tips we presented on how to get free supplements. From merely asking for free samples, to seeking sponsorship, to actually becoming somewhat involved in the sports nutrition industry. While you are training hard in the gym to sculpt your body, the course of action we suggested here can also potentially train you in other aspects of life.

It merely shows that a simple quest to get your hands on some free bodybuilding supplements can actually lead to something of bigger value. Anything is possible if you will muster courage and steely resolve to actually take action.

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