How To Get A Bigger Waist In 4 Easy Ways

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Let’s face it, we all want a bigger waist. Maybe putting down that last size of pizza wouldn’t sound like a bad idea.

And trying to burn off the extra 500 calories you’ve been mindlessly munching down by doing some treadmill cardio isn’t going to cut it for you.

On how to get a bigger waist, it needs more perseverance than just a 30-minute run. You’re going to work your ass off over building the thickness of your muscles. Particularly, on your core. 

I was able to achieve it mostly by doing squats and deadlifts. Working on hyperextensions with a reasonable amount of weight is also part of the program. 

How To Get A Bigger Waist In 4 Easy Ways

If you want everything down from 6 to 12 reps, you’re basically on the road to getting a bigger waist. I’ll tell you more about this in the next few minutes. 

Learning The Basics: Preparing Yourself 

There are different exercises to choose from. From choosing on to doing them all, it depends upon your decision. Here are three of my recommended workout training:   

  • Decline Weighted Crunches

Sit-ups are considered to be a timeless exercise. Although the first few weeks/months would be considered as challenging, doing them often could make it an easy task.

In the long run, progress would be hindered. You can pick up the beat by using weights to spice things up. In addition, using a decline bench to really get your core worked up.

The heavier the weight is, the stronger your abdominal core muscles will become. It leads to getting a better waist in time. Here’s what you’re going to need:

  • Decline Bench. When you have your bench in this situation, it’s being tilted to face the floor. You’re going to need it as you’re going to lie back on the decline bench to work out your abs.
  • Medicine Ball. You can also refer to this one as a fitness ball. Or sometimes people call it an exercise ball. This is basically your weighted ball that’s at around the diameter of your shoulders. 

Measuring it up, this is about 13.7 inches. This is often being utilized by fitness enthusiasts for strength training. 

  • Weighted Plate.  Generally, this is being referred to as a 45-pound weight. It’s often seen as an Olympic Barbell. 

The term can go to different heights as well, this can be applied as an indication of another weight. This is assuming that it’s leading to the number.    

  • Dumbbell. You’ll notice this to be a short bar. At each of its ends, it comes with a weight. This is mostly sold in pairs and used for building strength and muscles.

For my personal preference, I’m a huge fan of using weighted plates more than anything else on the list. It doesn’t feel “awkward” like how it would feel when using a medicine ball or dumbbell. 

The grip is just right, so you can pretty much secure your hold without the fear being clunky around your hands. Generally, it lets you focus on getting your workout session done without gawkiness. 

Follow These Steps Down Below: 

Step #1 Positioning Yourself

Once you have chosen any of the gym equipment above. Ideally, you went for a weighted plate, you then have to grab hold of it. 

After you have done that, ease up your body and situate yourself in an upright position. You should be using a decline bench as you do so. You may hold the plate or dumbbell with two hands. 

Hold it firmly and carefully extend it over to your chest. It’s important to only choose weights which are fitting to your strength – don’t carry heavy weights, it’ll only cause accidents and muscle sore.

Also, don’t use lighter ones as well. Know your strength and balance things evenly.

Step #2 Arms Straight  

With your designated weight, you may then lower it just enough so it could reach beyond your head. Don’t go overboard though, it’s only going to get taxing. 

As an indication, it should be approximately in the same alignment as your trunk. Don’t fold your arms, both of them should be kept straight throughout the workout. 

You have to synchronize yourself by doing the crunch while at the same time drawing your desired gym weights over to your chest. Measure it closely over to your chest to get the desired position.

Also, you may need to elevate your trunk off of the decline bench.

Step #3 Going To The Right 

You’re left with the key role of contracting your transverse abdominis tightly. This would lead your navel to be sucked going to your spine. 

As for the third step, you need to bend your waist. By doing so, you are securely lowering your equipment over to the right side. Make sure you’re reaching out as far as you can.

What you want to do now is to go back to your original position. In order to do so, you just simply have to contract your left oblique muscles, then you’re good to go. 

Step #4 Power Reps

Just do what you did with the third step, but only this time, you’re lowering it down to the left side. After which, you have to go back to your original upright position.

You may do this as long as you can keep up. It’s recommended you’ll be doing at least 6 sets of twelve reps each side.

What Are You Waiting For? Do It Now!

As you can see, there are no miracle wonders of getting a bigger waist – no magical lotion can do that. I’ve been in the fitness industry for years, and I just want to reach out to everyone who’s interested in achieving the ideal summer body naturally.

I really hope you enjoyed our quick tutorial. If you have any questions or concerns, you may leave it down in the comments sections below. If you like it, don’t forget to click share! It would mean the world to me.

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