Our Top Picks for the Best Legal Testosterone Boosters

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If you are currently sorting through a myriad of products to find the best legal test boosters in the market, then read on.

You probably know by now that high level of testosterone does not only cause heightened athletic and sexual functions but also puts you on a threshold for optimum muscle growth.

Not only that it makes you more aggressive and focused in working out, it likewise plays an active role in protein synthesis that leads to increases in muscle mass and strength, as well as other physiological activities. It includes the regulation of bone density, production of sperm and hemoglobin, and dispersal of fat in the body.

Who needs a testosterone booster?

Besides being primarily responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics, testosterone is also a natural anabolic steroid. Meaning, the more you have of it (within your body’s maximum limit, of course), the greater your chances of bulking up with muscles from your workout.

It is one of the main reasons why women can’t grow as big and muscular as men, as they have significantly lower level of testosterone by nature.

best legal testosterone booster

The production of testosterone in a regular man’s body normally peaks during puberty to until in his early to mid 30’s. This varies, of course, according to one’s particular body type and BMI (body mass index or the ratio of fat to muscles), lifestyle, and diet.

Anyway, unless you are suffering from hypogonadism and/or infertility, you don’t actually need a test booster during the said period of your life.

However, according to medical studies, the testosterone level in men began to decline when he hits 40, or even a few years before that, at an average rate of 1.6% per year.

This can be noticed through some markers such as a decrease in libido and erectile function, retrogression in overall physical strength, and an increase in body fat, most particularly in the abdominal region.

So, whether you are desiring to get back in shape and be more muscular or wanting to feel like a young stud again in the sack during this period and for years to come, then you can consider taking a testosterone-boosting supplement that is safe and actually works.

What is a legal test booster?

You probably noticed the use of the word “legal” in the title and first paragraph; it is because there are two major types of test boosters out there.

Although not completely illegal, the synthetic type cannot be purchased without a proper prescription from a qualified physician. You certainly heard about it, as it caused several huge scandals in various professional, amateur and international sports since the last quarter of the previous century.

Olympic athletes were disgraced, stripped of their medals, and banned by the IOC for testing positive from it. MLB, one of the oldest and most prestigious professional sports organization in the world, was rocked by the biggest ignominy in their history because of it, which culminated to the mass suspension of big name players in 2013, including A-Rod.

best legal testosterone booster

It likewise puts in jeopardy the possible election of Sosa, McGwire and Bonds, three sensational sluggers in the late 80’s, into the MLB’s Hall of Fame. I am, of course, talking about synthetic anabolic steroid.

It includes testicular shrinkage, impotence, infertility, acne, baldness, weakening of the bones, and development of “bitch tits”. It can also cause more serious medical conditions such as hypertension, prostate enlargement, depression, psychotic episodes, and heart attack.

There is, of course, a better and safer option. Although legal testosterone-boosting formulas, which you can openly purchase from actual and online stores, are still the most controversial among all sports supplements, it cannot be denied that there are several that actually produces favorable results.

What are the ingredients to look for in finding the best legal test boosters?

Before going through each bottle label of every testosterone-boosting formula in the market, you should ask yourself first:

1. Am I eating a healthy and balanced amount of fresh whole foods that can increase my testosterone production such as lean cattle and poultry meat, fatty fish, eggs, cruciferous vegetables, olive oil, berries, oysters, etc.?

2. Am I exercising and resting enough to increase the mass and strength of my muscles?

best legal testosterone booster

If you can answer both questions in the affirmative and still feel the need to take supplements, then you can proceed to find out some of the ingredients that apparently works in elevating testosterone level in men:

D-AA or D-Aspartic Acid – This is an essential amino acid primarily synthesized in the testes, pituitary gland and hypothalamus, which has been identified as the main factor in the production of testosterone in the body.

However, advancement in age and poor diet in men slows down the D-AA synthesis, which, in turn, results in a diminished level of the primary male reproductive hormones.

The good new is that D-AA can be ingested and absorbed by the body in supplement form. Various scientific studies, such as the one published by the Journal of Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology in 2009 (http://rbej.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1477-7827-7-120), have revealed that daily supplementation of D-AA results to a significant elevation of testosterone level in test subjects, particularly those who have t-hormone deficiency.

Other studies suggest that if taken in combination with other vitamins and minerals such as folic acid and B-complex, D-AA also plays an active role in building and strengthening muscles, as well as in fat reduction.

Vitamin D3 – Besides being vital for calcium absorption and for causing and maintaining bone and teeth strength, this vitamin has also been associated with the regulation of testosterone level in men. 

A study backed by the US National Institute for Health (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20050857)  found out that men with sufficient amount of Vit. D3 in their system has notably higher levels of testosterone and free androgen index (FAI), as well as a lower SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) level than those with Vit. D3 deficiency.

Zinc and Magnesium – These minerals proved to be essential in lowering the percentage of SHBG as against free testosterone, making them more available for building and maintaining muscle mass and strength. Zinc supplementation has also been found helpful in preventing a significant drop in testosterone level during high-intensity workouts.

Some of the best legal test-boosters in the market:

Before citing the products and their respective merits and hitches, I should tell you first the criteria on which we based our picks such as:

  • Manufacturer’s reputation, track record, and compliance with government regulations
  • Customers’ satisfaction ratings and critics’ reviews
  • Soundness of formulation based on the amount of proven safe and effective ingredients
  • Price reasonability and product availability
  • After sales service and guarantees

1. Test Worx Testosterone Booster Supplement by Superior Labs

best legal testosterone booster

Via: Amazon.com

Scoring a 4.5 Stars average among more than 6,000 consumers who posted their respective product reviews in one website is quite a feat. Apparently, Test Worx, a testosterone booster supplement produced by Superior Labs in a cGMP and FDA approved and regulated US-based facility, is one of the most well-accepted products in this category in terms of effectiveness and health safety.


  • Contains ample amount of Vit. B-complex and Zinc.
  • It contains L-arginine, which enhances production of nitric oxide (NO) and the dilation of its pathways.
  • Gluten and dairy free and made mostly from natural ingredients.
  • Available in a 6-week cycle bottle. Dosing is 2-capsules a day for 5 days a week only, so your system has a 2-day rest per week.
  • Has a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Some of the main components of its proprietary blend are known more for its aphrodisiac effect rather than its testosterone boosting properties such as tribulus terrestris and maca root extract.
  • Many find it expensive at an average price of $1/ capsule, although many still find it more affordable than its counterpart products sold at GNC.

2. Prime Test Testosterone Booster by Prime Labs

best legal testosterone booster

Via: Amazon.com

This product seems to be formulated with male sexual vitality in the main agenda. Prime Test Testosterone Booster, a produced by Prime Labs in an FDA certified and regulated facility in the US, is one of the products in this category that contains the most herbal ingredients that are traditionally regarded as libido enhancers.

Moreover, it also claims that their formulation likewise provides extra energy and other properties needed for building muscles and burning fat.


  • It contains Tongkat Ali, an expensive plant extract from Malaysia, which is said to be a potent libido enhancer. It likewise has Saw Palmetto, which is said to be helpful in curing prostate enlargement and dwindling testosterone level.
  • It has Horny Goat Weed, an herb used for centuries in China to treat inflammation, pain, fatigue and erectile dysfunction. This herb contains a compound called epimedium that somehow mimics the effects of popular ED medications but with less to nil side effects.
  • It contains calcium and a variety of natural plant extracts.
  • It is relatively cheap at an average price of $0.33 per capsule.


  • Like the first product cited, it doesn’t contain the more proven test booster D-AA in its formulation.
  • It apparently lacks some basic vitamins and minerals in its formulation and focused heavily on ingredients that still require more long-term clinical studies.

3. TESTOBOOST Test Booster Supplement by Bioscience Nutrition

best legal testosterone booster

Via: Amazon.com

Formulated not only to increase free testosterone and male libido but also to boost strength and stamina for a strenuous and intense workout. Apparently, Testoboost, a product by Bioscience Nutrition, seems to be on target as shown by its average score on customers’ satisfaction rating in an online retailer’s survey.

It is manufactured and packed in a cGMP and FDA certified facility and tested by a third party laboratory for quality assurance.


  • It contains zinc and magnesium, the essential minerals that are found to be active in reducing SHBG and increasing free testosterone.
  • It contains various plant extracts in its proprietary blend, including horny goat weed and saw palmetto, of which its apparent benefits are already discussed in the previous product cited.
  • It also contains antioxidant-rich hawthorn berries, which is known for its medicinal properties and its positive effect in maintaining cardiovascular, neurological and digestive health.
  • At an average price of $0.25 per capsule, it is among the lowest priced products in this category.


  • Some of its main components such as fenugreek and sarsaparilla are more recognized for its aphrodisiac effect and still highly disputed by many in the area of actual elevation of testosterone level.
  • Another component, chrysin, which is a mushroom extract, is still unproven to be effective in the form of oral supplement. It seems that its formulation is a bit outdated.

4. Vintage Boost – Wave Loaded Testosterone Booster

best legal testosterone booster

Via: Amazon.com

Among the products listed here, Vintage Boost – Wave Loaded testosterone Booster seems to be the only one that contains all the well-tested ingredients we mentioned above.

It is produced by Old School Labs, a company known for its transparency and introspection when it comes to formulas, in a US-based facility duly approved and regulated by cGMP and the FDA. 

Being quality assured by a third-party testing laboratory, this product also seems to be consistently scoring well in customers and critics’ reviews.


  • It contains all of the ideal ingredients for increasing testosterone in men as discussed earlier in this article, namely D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin D3, Zinc, and Magnesium. It even contains Vitamin B6 that helps intensify the effects of D-AA. So far, this one seems to have the most updated formulation among all the products that made our list.
  • It also has tribulus fruit and maca root extracts, both of which are mentioned earlier to be libido enhancers.
  • All its ingredients are clearly listed on the label along with the corresponding dosages of each component. This is in stark contrast with most products that just list the total serving amount of its proprietary blend without giving the individual value of each component.


  • It’s a bit pricey compared to others but it seems to have the right stuff.
  • The serving indication is a little confusing at first since it changes almost every week.

5. PRIMASURGE Natural Testosterone Booster for Men

Via: Amazon.com

Formulated and manufactured in a cGMP and NSF certified US facility, PrimaSurge Natural Testosterone Booster for Men is said to be effective both in the gym and in the bedroom if the glowing satisfaction rating it’s been receiving is considered.

Clearly, the company that brought it to the market also put a lot of thought in combatting stress in the formulation, which in itself has a positive effect in enhancing male sexual function.


  • It contains ingredients that show a lot of promise in boosting testosterone as evidenced by their apparent positive effect in treating male infertility and erectile dysfunction, as reported by tests conducted through the authorization of the US National Institute of Health. It includes ashwagandha root extract and Eurycoma longifolia (longjack).
  • Another one of its ingredients that seem to be highly promising is Safed Musli Extract, which was found to significantly increase sperm count in human test subjects.
  • It likewise has a high satisfaction rating from consumers. It’s most apparent effect is heightened libido.
  • It contains ingredients that can aid in the quick absorption of the formula, namely boron and Bioperine. The former is likewise effective in reducing pain and fatigue during a workout, while the latter aids in fat burning.
  • It seems to be reasonably priced.


  • It contains a controversial component called shilajit extract. Although it is probably safe to take in moderate amount as it is deemed to strengthen the immune system, its value in increasing testosterone level or even sperm count is still undetermined.
  • Many of its ingredients require more studies to be deemed conclusively effective since most of the previous experimentations were done in the interest of finding a cure to infertility and impotence. There is not enough data to date on its effect on guys with normal testosterone level.


The first thing that you need to accept is the fact that there is really no magic pill that can easily and quickly address the issue of dwindling testosterone. You need to do your due diligence in finding the best legal test booster not only to get the best value for your money but more importantly, to get a real and optimal result. More than taking the time to read labels is the need to consult a qualified physician prior to trying any formulations.

I also strongly advise that you put a workout program and proper diet in motion first, before trying out test boosters and other sports supplements. Another thing, don’t be easily swayed by marketing hypes and incredible claims of the sellers and do your research before actually making a purchase.

However, if I will give a verdict on which among the products mentioned here is the winner in my book, I have to say Vintage Boost. It may be a bit expensive than the rest, but it apparently contains the most number of well-tested ingredients in the area of testosterone level enhancement.

Thanks for reading!