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7 Amazing Alternatives to Energy Drinks (#2 is insanely cheap and easy to make on your own)

Every tiny bottle or can of today’s energy drinks contains a high amount of sugar, as well as caffeine in the equivalent of 3 to 8 times the amount found in your regular cup of espresso. Beside being potentially addictive, they actually account for numerous reported deaths and ER cases in various major cities around the world in the last decade.

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13 Things Everyone Should Know about Gaining Serious Mass

Get the imposing Herculean physique you’ve been dreaming of by gaining serious muscle mass the natural way. Whether you are aiming to transform your body from scrawny to brawny like what Taylor Lautner did in a year, or from chubby to burly like what Chris Pratt achieved in several months, these straightforward and practical tips will help steer you toward that goal. 

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Does Masturabation Cause Weight Loss?

I’m sure you’ve heard that sexual intercourse does in fact burn calories and helps you lose weight, but what if you have to take matters into your own hands? There’s a lot of controversial talk regarding this topic as most opinions are split as to whether your “private time” actually brings about weight loss. This is definitely one of the biggest questions for anyone who is sexually active, and the only way to actually come to a definitive answer is to look at the facts.

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