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DIY Whey Protein Bars: 3 Easy & Tasty Recipes to Try at Home

Whey protein bars are without a doubt one of the best in-between-meal snacks, or even occasional meal substitutes any adult can have. They are a good source of energy and nutrition and loaded with essential amino acids including BCAAs, which boosts muscle protein synthesis, causes body fat loss, and improves triglyceride profile. And may I add: whey protein bars are delicious and very filling with the right blend of ingredients.

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6 Sure-fire Ways to Naturally Raise Testosterone

So what exactly is testosterone? Why is it important?

Testosterone is a powerful steroid hormone produced in the testicles in men and in the ovaries of women. Both benefit greatly from this hormone and it’s absolutely essential to maintain healthy levels, especially if you’re physically active.

Your T-levels are responsible for a lot of things including muscle mass, reproductive and sexual function, hair growth, bone density, red blood cells, a healthy pain response, better sleep patterns, immunocompetence, and cognitive functions.

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