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6 Sure-fire Ways to Naturally Raise Testosterone

So what exactly is testosterone? Why is it important?

Testosterone is a powerful steroid hormone produced in the testicles in men and in the ovaries of women. Both benefit greatly from this hormone and it’s absolutely essential to maintain healthy levels, especially if you’re physically active.

Your T-levels are responsible for a lot of things including muscle mass, reproductive and sexual function, hair growth, bone density, red blood cells, a healthy pain response, better sleep patterns, immunocompetence, and cognitive functions.

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Simple 3-Part Guide for Making your Own Supplements

If you’re been an avid bodybuilder for years, you’ve most likely seen and tried supplements that advertise enhanced muscle growth. With all the different, popular brands that you often see in ads and magazines, it’s really difficult to assess which supplements are actually helpful and which are just downright snake oil. In response to this, some people have taken to developing their own blends. Knowing how to make your own supplements can really save you a lot of money and even provide more beneficial effects than the more popular brands.

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